Heartbreaking scenes in Senior High

There’s definitely no doubt that Senior High is one of the biggest and most successful teleseryes of ABS-CBN in recent years. Aside from offering us with a stellar line-up of cast and an interesting storyline, we also found ourselves hooked due to its well-written script matched with top-notch dramatic performances from its actors.

It may or may not completely mirror the lives of young people who are in senior high school, but we can all agree that it featured scenes that many of us can probably relate to as it encompasses a range of issues that really take place in real life, such as love, family, friendships, academics, bullying, mental health concerns, and other sensitive topics.

As we inch forward to its highly anticipated “Ender To Remember” finale this coming January 19, let’s revisit some of the heartbreaking scenes on Senior High that pierced our hearts and probably even made us tear up in this feature!


Tim tries to save his parents' relationship

For sure, there are a lot of viewers who were able to identify with Tim (Zaijian Jaranilla) as he found out that his parents were breaking up and getting an annulment. His mom Edith (Angeli Bayani) tried to persuade him to come with her to Canada in order for him to have a better and more comfortable life, but he declined it as it meant having to leave his father Elmo (Gerald Madrid) all by himself here in the Philippines.

Tim tried to salvage their relationship and asked her to also take Elmo with them, but Edith said that it wouldn’t be simple. Apart from the mistakes that Elmo seemed to have committed, as what Edith implied, their different goals in life and for their family are what made her decide to push through with the annulment even though they still have love for one another. She also assured him that they tried to work things out, but it only ended up hurting them both and proved that their marriage is already going nowhere.


Obet is worried about what happened to Lydia

Whether you grew up under the care of your grandparents or not, we were surely touched by this scene wherein Obet (Kyle Echarri) expressed how extremely worried he was to his beloved “amam,” as how he and his brother fondly call their grandma Lydia (Sylvia Sanchez) upon learning that she was rushed to the hospital after being shot in the abdomen during an encounter with Tonio (Rap Robes).

We could surely relate with Obet’s reaction and got touched when he told her that he didn’t care how dangerous it is because he’s actually willing to even catch a bullet for her just for her to not get hurt. At some point in our lives, we certainly reprimanded an older member of our family for doing something that caused trouble instead of gain.


Harry entrusts their family to Z

With how they mistreated everyone around them, especially the Cruzes, not an episode of Senior High arguably went by without us getting irritated to Harry (Baron Geisler) and Z (Daniela Stranner). However, we were surely touched by this scene between them as Harry entrusted their family to Z since he couldn’t go home for the meantime after what just happened to him and his wife Sasha (Desiree del Valle). Besides, he didn’t want her and her Kuya Archie (Elijah Canlas) get worried to him once they see him wounded and all-bloodied.

They may be wicked, but the despicable father-daughter tandem of Harry and Z proved that kontrabidas have hearts, too, especially when it comes to people dearest to them.


Tim admits to Roxy that he kissed someone else

Of course, who could forget this trending scene between the characters of Zaijan Jaranilla and Xyriel Manabat, wherein Timothy admitted to Roxy that he kissed someone else during their out-of-town game? He confessed that that kiss was special to him as it helped him discover something about himself and opened his eyes to who he really is.

He might have only asked her for time for him to figure out his emotions, but Roxy immediately broke up with him since she was totally hurt by everything that Tim had told her. Just like what she said, Tim didn’t only hurt her and cheat on her, but he also insulted her for saying that he had a special kiss with someone when she was his girlfriend. Ouch, right?


Tim admits the whole truth to Roxy

And their break-up story didn’t just end there as the former couple had the chance to further talk about the issue in the presence of their friends Obet and Sky. This was when Tim admitted that it was Poch (Miggy Jimenez) who he kissed, which really appalled Roxy and inflicted deeper pain on her as he chose to hide the truth from her. She told him that she actually wouldn’t care whatever his sexuality is, so she would accept him regardless since she was his best friend first before she became his girlfriend. However, he was consumed by shame and confusion, which made it difficult for them to ‘fess up.

Regardless if we went through the same experience or not, break-ups will always be painful, right?


Poch asks help and comfort from her mom

This scene of Poch and her mom talking through the phone might be really brief, but the emotions they conveyed were already enough for our hearts to be pierced. While he was initially perceived as a rich kid, it was eventually revealed that Poch is actually not as he was left by both his parents to fend for himself. We really felt his desperation to see his mom again, who’s been working abroad, and his longing for her tender-loving care as he found himself in a totally difficult situation and there’s nobody he could run to. And many children out there who have parents working overseas could certainly relate with how Poch felt.


Gino talks to Cecille about her case

Meanwhile, it’s the other way around for Gino (Juan Karlos Labajo) and her mom Cecille (Ana Abad Santos), as it was the child who provided comfort for his mom. As Cecille got worried that she would be tagged as “insane”, Gino appeased her by telling her that she really is not and that she only needed to seek professional help to prove that she shouldn’t be imprisoned. Usually, it’s the parents who give us the care and support, but this scene and their relationship prove that there are instances that it’s them who need affection from us.


Tim decides to stay away from Poch

Their relationship may not be a complete case of the so-called “you and me against the world,” but Tim opted to take a break from Poch as thought that it’s their relationship that made things so complicated. We really felt their pain as Tim made the decision, to which Poch was completely against with because he could fight for them and firmly believed that they could go through this again together. As Poch asked him if there’s still hope for them, the only thing that Tim could muster was a tight embrace and a kiss on his forehead. Regardless if you’re a member of the LGBTQIA+ community or not, those who experienced being in a relationship and went through a lot of difficulties were surely able to identify with Poch and Tim.


Tanya and Sky cry as they see Luna's body

Last, but definitely not the least, is the death scene of Luna, which served as the impetus for everything that happened in this series. This is also the first heart-shattering scene that we had witnessed and we were definitely stirred by the intense emotions conveyed by both Andrea and Angel Aquino, who plays Sky and Tanya, as they saw the lifeless body of Luna drenched in blood after falling from the top of one of the school buildings. Losing someone really important will always be hard and heartbreaking, right?

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