Anji Salvacion PBB Kumunity 10 Big Winner

After 32 weeks and three communities coming together, the Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 has finally concluded with the Biga10 Big Winner proclaimed – and she’s none other than celebrity edition housemate Anji Salvacion.

On the Biga10 Big Night held on May 29, Kuya’s big house was packed by hosts Bianca Gonzales,  Robi Domingo, Enchong Dee, Melai Cantiveros, Kim Chiu, Sky Quizon, Richard Juan, Maymay Entrata, and several special guests. Of course, the housemates from the celebrity, adult, and teen kumunities were also there because they wouldn’t miss the highly-anticipated culminating night.  

But before anything, P-Pop sensations BINI and BGYO, along with some housemates and the live band Six Part Invention, opened the thrilling celebration with a grand performance. Rock Royalty Bamboo, Asia’s Soul Supreme KZ Tandingan, singer-songwriter SAB, and rising sensations Ez Mil and Jeremy Glinoga joined the festivities too with some electrifying performances. 





Finally, the Big Five arrived at the scene where their fans, fellow housemates, and loved ones awaited them behind closed doors. One by one, viewers got a look back on their journey as housemates: Anji Salvacion, “Ang Singing Sweetheart ng Siargao;” Brenda Mage, “Ang Fun-along Comedian ng Cagayan De Oro;” Isabel Laohoo, “Ang Bubbly Boss Lady ng Leyte;” Rob Blackburn, “Ang Traveling Wonder-lad ng Laguna;” and Samantha Bernardo, “Ang Bread-Queen-er ng Palawan.”

As excitement filled the air 16 minutes before voting closes, various Big Winners from previous PBB editions each asked a question to a Big Five housemate for a final Q&A, aimed at shining their personality and spirit one last time. 



First-ever teen edition Big Winner Kim Chiu asked celebrity Biga10 housemate Anji if she has finally learned to accept and move on from losing her father and moving on from finding him. Anji shared that she hasn’t fully let go of it, but she is slowly healing and learning to accept it. Regardless, she knows that she is stronger now in the face of challenges and wishes to help others who are in the same situation as hers. 

As for comeback housemate Brenda, it was PBB Double Up Big Winner Melai Cantiveros who asked his final question. Melai cited how Brenda considers himself as the most bashed housemate, but wonders why he thinks he deserves to be the Big Winner despite the negativity he receives. Brenda believes that he is still very much deserving to win the reality show because he was able to show that even with detractors, he learns from his mistakes, stands up again, and pushes through. 

Adult housemate Isabel was next on the list with the first-ever Big Winner Commander Nene Tamayo assigned to deliver her question. She asked how Isabel plans to make use of the prize money of Php2M should she win the competition. Isabel, who grew up in a comfortable life, plans on making use of the money to serve others instead. She will give some to her beloved guardians and people in need, especially those hit by calamities because she wants to help in any way she can.

PBB Lucky Season 7 Big Winner Maymay then took the stage to ask Rob what his advice is to suffering bullying victims, given that he has been a victim himself, which he opened up during his stay on the reality show. Rob simply advises them to hold on tight and know that they do not deserve any of the hurtful words and actions from bullies. As much as possible, they have to distance themselves from bullies and not listen to them.

To finish off the Big Q&A, PBB All In Big Winner Daniel Matsunaga asked Samantha what she thinks she is lacking, given that she usually ends up as a runner-up in the competitions she has joined. Samantha countered and said that she knows she doesn’t lack anything. She is just introduced to failures by God because she firmly believes that He has bigger plans for her and wants her to continue to grow before she is able to obtain the wins she truly deserves. 

Before the major announcements, celebrity, adult, and teen housemates alike expressed their pride and support for the Big Five contestants. Former housemates Alexa Ilacad, KD Estrada, Shanaia Gomez, Benedix Ramos, Jordan Andrews, Tiff Ronato, Luke Alford, Gab Skribikin, and Stephanie Jordan offered a special performance before the winners were announced. 

The final results pooled in and the Big Placers were determined. Brenda emerged as the 5th Big Placer with 1.19% of net votes; Rob took the 4th Big Placer with 4.01% net votes; and Samantha claimed the 3rd Big Placer with 16.28% net votes. The 2nd Big Placer of the season was Isabel with 18.2% net votes, and the Big Winner recognition goes to Anji after garnering a whopping 40.42% net votes.



Anji couldn’t believe it after hearing her name be announced as the champion this season. Emotions overwhelmed her, but she didn’t forget to thank everyone that allowed her to achieve this accomplishment when she claimed her grand prize. For her, winning was an unexpected blessing that she will forever be grateful for. 

Congratulations, Anji!