Pira-Pirasong Paraiso: 10 scenes showing that Baby has learned to love Diana like a real sister

“Lukso ng dugo” – it’s a spark of recognition that could be felt between two people related by blood. It’s what Diana (Charlie Dizon) felt when she first saw Baby (Loisa Andalio), certain that the latter is her long-lost sister, Amy.

From there, a plan was hatched. Baby was ordered by her foster father, Badong (Epy Quizon), to steal the real Amy’s identity, and in the process, steal Diana’s riches. Although she signed up for the scheme, Baby felt genuinely connected to Diana as well, so much so she’s learned to love her like a real sister, as shown in this Kapamilya Toplist from “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso.”

Baby has become one of Diana’s supporters in the office, where the latter often locks horns with Jacinda (Sooky Serna) and Vlad (Joseph Marco). Just by the stares and smiles, obviously, her Ate Diana is the one she idolizes most.

In one scene, for instance, she consoled a downhearted Diana, who at the time was feeling worthless after Julius (Art Acuna)'s passing. Baby reminded Diana of her good qualities, that she’s strong and capable. She felt proud of how her sister worked hard to become successful.

That’s what Baby is to Diana – a cheerleader. She would breathe her courage, especially when the search for the other Paraiso sister, Beth, becomes bleak. She volunteered to help in the search. She made Diana smile by assuring her that they’d find Beth sooner, and when that happens, they would go on a vacation with just the three of them.

When Diana felt guilty for selling Beth to raise funds for Amy’s hospital bills when they were kids, Baby gave her the courage to let go of regrets. She imparted that Diana was then a child – innocent and gullible. If anything, the unpitying adults who scheme a child are to be blamed.

Those words, they were uttered from the heart because Baby is as guilty as the bad guys she was talking about. In another scene, she was moved when Diana gifted her with a big birthday party and repeatedly talked how happy she is about their reunion. As soon as Diana left, Baby surrendered to her conscience, shed a few tears of sadness and guilt.

Another solid proof of Baby’s genuine care for Diana is when she begged the heavens to save the latter from an accident and promised to confess the truth as soon as Diana is awake.

Lies hurt forever, they say. It hurts when love is involved. In Baby’s case, she’s hurt for lying about her true identity, as she’s learned to love Diana like her sister. She revealed that all these – the accident, the DNA, the bracelet – were all part of a scheme. In her letter, she prayed that Diana would reunite with Amy soon and that forgiveness would reign in their family.

Did these scenes pinch your heart, Kapamilya?

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