10). "Dito Ka Lang" ("In My Heart" Filipino Version)

Lyrically, the song also works not just as a love song but a spiritual one as well: "Ang buong lakas ay ibibigay ko kahit nasaktan Ika'y pupuntahan kahit sa'n ka man kung kailangan mo ako aking mahal..."

9). "ikaw at sila"

In a way the song conveys the message that the path to healing is to feel the pain but to not dwell and drown on it. May we find the love that we deserve. Let's love ourselves the way we want to be loved.

8). "eme"

Proof that Moira can do vitriol as well as hugot.

7). "Tagpuan"

"Tumigil ang mundo nung ako'y pinili mo..."

6). "Mabagal" with Daniel Padilla

A modern rat pack standard.

5). "Ikaw At Ako"

Whilw the real-life implications with her erthswhile husband have put this song in the void of awkwardness, it can't be denied that as a stand-aline song, it's still a great wedding song. 

4). "Before It Sinks In"

"In order for new leaves to grow, old leaves must fall."

3). "Paubaya"

Letting go is a form of love.

2). "Kumpas"

1). Babalik Sa 'Yo

In this song, Moira indeed glows radiant not just as an artist, but as a normal soul as well.