My Papa Pi first two episodes review

After years of not having a comedy program to deliver entertainment and laughter to us every Saturday, a “sweet-com” delightfully arrived last March 19 – My Papa Pi! Topbilled by Piolo Pascual, Pia Wurtzbach, and Pepe Herrera, it follows the story of twins Pipoy (Piolo) and Popoy (Pepe), as well as of the cheerful and loving community of Barangay Mapag-asa, to which they belong to.

In the first episode, we were able to meet the “hopefuls” or citizens of Brgy. Mapag-asa and found out the respective roles they play in the narrative and in the lives of Pipoy and Popoy. We’ve witnessed how despite being twins, the two had altercations and misunderstandings, just like what we saw in the pilot episode, wherein Popoy got upset with his brother after he failed to come on time to help him in their ‘tumbungan.’ Pipoy tried to explain that he only tried his luck in increasing his money by playing “Color Game” with their neighbors at the barbershop owned by Boy Tinga (Joross Gamboa), but got lost.

Albeit their fight, they’re still able to make amends when Pipoy helped Popoy in preparing for his date with the latter’s apple of the eye Tere (Pia), only to be rejected because she harbors special feelings towards the former. That rejection and finding out that she’s already in love with someone else may have left him brokenhearted, but that didn’t stop Popoy from wooing Tere as he’s eager to get her sweet “yes” by finding ways to earn one million pesos. As gamblers, he and Pipoy chose off-track betting as their way of increasing their earnings.

Unfortunately, this went on to become the cause of death of Popoy as he got choked by the papaya he was munching on while they excitedly watch the race. As the “hopefuls” mourn his death, Popoy was able to return to Barangay Mapag-asa as a ghost. Knowing he can take over his twin brother, Popoy finds the perfect timing to pursue the clueless Tere, who immediately accepted his wedding proposal, assuming that her longtime crush Pipoy has finally fallen in love to her as well.

In the second episode aired on Saturday, March 26, his neighbors Delia (Katya Santos), Chip (Hyubs Azarcon), and Harvee (Anthony Jennings) started to doubt the actions of Pipoy, who unbeknown to them was being possessed by Popoy.

Tere, on the other hand, got reunited with her childhood bestie Samsonita Pucyutan (Nicole Cordovez), who offered to help her earn money faster through networking. She enthusiastically accepted it, along with the other “hopefuls” in hopes of having their hard-earned money be doubled. But much to their horror, dismay, and anger, Sam only got them scammed.

After trying to hide from her victims, Sam surrendered and was arrested by the barangay officials. But instead of sending her to jail, Tere still chose to forgive her and even lent her money, amid the objection of their kabarangays. She may have done a good deed, but Tere still got brokenhearted at the end of te day as the real Pipoy (who was not possessed by Popoy) denied her claims that they are going to get married.

From swooning us not just by his unmistakable handsomeness, but by his acting chops and singing talent as well, we were indeed astounded by how ultimate heartthrob Piolo Pascual could also nail comedy. The same goes for Pia Wurtzbach who’s able to set aside her being a beauty queen and impress us with her comedic talent. Pepe Herrera, on the other hand, was indeed a natural performer as he’s able to unfailingly amuse us with his acting and comedic prowess.

The unmistakable chemistry of the cast members is proof how brilliant the production staff and Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina as they’re able to pick the right actors to the roles. Piolo, Pepe, and Pia may be the lead stars, but the supporting cast still have their respective shining moments as well and the comedy they offer is truly satisfying and impressive.

Take your weekly dose of kilig and good vibes by not missing an episode of My Papa Pi every Saturday, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z Channel 11, iWantTFC, and TFC.