Stars of MMK “Scarlet Women” continue to impress viewers with astounding portrayals

In the first episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya’s “Tatlong Dekada ng Pasasalamat” offering entitled “#MMKScarletWomen,” we saw how Abby (Kaila Estrada)’s harrowing journey in Cyprus as an prostitutes had started, as well as how she courageously stood up not just for herself, but for the new batch of Filipina entertainers who were oblivious of the hell that was waiting for them in that nightclub We had witnessed how Abby, who she was feigning her sadness and weakness, had found shoulders to lean on in her co-workers in the second episode aired last Saturday, December 4.

Continuation of Abby and the Scarlet Women’s tormenting journey

As much as she did not want to need other people’s help nor harbor congenial connection with her Pinay co-workers Iris (Karina Bautista), Trina (Jenny Miller), Janna (Trina Legaspi), and Glenda (Meg Imperial), it was indeed inevitable because aside from being on the same plane, Abby essentially has a good heart. She willingly helped them whenever they need help, such as when Janna got sick and when Iris needed some rescuing again. And because they escaped from their customers, “Papa” (Leo Rialp) punished Abby and Iris by locking them up inside a room.

With Abby still refusing to accept the help and kindness they’re offering her since she did not want to forge friendships or any connection with them and only depended on cocaine, Iris, Trina, Janna, and Glenda were able to make her realize soon that it’s definitely okay to not be alright sometimes and to seek comfort from others.

As they tried to convince her to stop using drugs, Abby burst out and told them how cocaine had helped her overcome the struggles she went through and face the reality of their job. They assured her that she can talk to or lean on then whenever she needed, as well as reminded her of the good things that she had done to them even though she didn’t have to – which ensued to touching moment among the five of them.

It may have been difficult for her to stay away from drugs, but she’s still able to make it with the help of her newfound friends. They even had the opportunity to escape going to a beach nearby at least for a while to breathe and taste the freedom they’d been yearning for. Abby couldn’t help but get emotional as she expressed her appreciation to them and her elation to finally be treated as a human anew after the painful experiences she went through. Rubbing salt to the wound was her husband’s (Akihiro Blanco) indifference towards her, which was apparently her fault as well, since she’d decided to avoid the family she left behind in hopes of diminishing the sadness and pain she felt.

After not being able to talk with her sister-in-law Ronalyn (Jacqui Leus) for quite some time, they had the chance to get reunited on her birthday when the four ladies threw a surprise celebration for them. They went outside without permission from Papa or any of the bouncers again, and they were unfortunately caught this time and was sent inside a room and locked them for two days with little water and no food.

They were able to find solace through their phone calls with their respective families. Iris received a call from her husband (Jomari Angeles), while Abby phoned her husband and kids and requested her daughter sing the song taught by her grandma to her, to which the five of them quietly listened.

One night, Abby received a text from an anonymous sender, telling her to come home as soon as possible if she still wants a complete family as her husband is seeing a girl, and is reportedly even funding her college education. Thus, she confronted Ronalyn, who implied that she knew about her brother’s philandering and even ‘fessed up that she’s also seeing someone.

It was also soon revealed that someone tipped off the authorities regarding the illegal activities of the club, which extremely infuriated “Papa” and compelled him to let some of the sex workers finally go home, including Ronalyn and Janna. Abby attempted to plead “Papa” to allow her to go back to the Philippines, but he firmly told her “no” since she’s the “star” of the night club, so he needed her to stay a bit longer.

Takeaways from second episode

The second episode of #MMKScarletWomen showed us that it’s still possible for us to find light amidst the darkest phases of our lives. That light could be a person or a few people who would be the beacon of hope and inspiration for us to rise from the ashes, renew our strengths, and keep moving forward as we hurdle the challenges that life throws on us. And that was how Abby, Iris, Trina, Janna, and Glenda were to one another as seen in the story.

The “Bote” episode also attested that it’s definitely okay to be not alright all the time. It’s just fine to be vulnerable sometimes and show other people, even our loved ones, that we’re weak and sad and we need help or someone to cling to. Because sometimes, it’s the hero who needs to be rescued – just like what happened to Abby.

Although it’s very difficult to put our trust on anyone we’ve just met, we sometimes need to let our guards down and give them a chance because we may not know, they’re the ones we need in our life the most.

Rave comments from netizens

Kaila and Karina once again earned praises from netizens for their exceptional performance. Fans gushed over their compelling portrayals, making them truly deserving to be nominated or be recognized in award-giving bodies for them.

The supporting acts Jacqui, Meg, Trina, and Jenny also impressed the viewers with their acting, as well as veteran character actor Leo Rialp for his effectiveness as the ruthless “Papa”. Despite their limited exposures, Akihiro and Jomari delivered their parts so well.

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