Love In 40 Days: Eileen’s jealousy

Eileen (Chie Filomeno) grew up trying hard to prove she’s capable of taking over their family business. But there’s Edward (Ronnie Alonte), her brother who has the brains and charm and is always excellent without even trying. This fuels her jealousy that turns her selfish and evil, revealed by her scenes in “Love In 40 Days.”

This Kapamilya Toplist video opens with a low-key competition between the siblings. Well, it only becomes a contest because Eileen is so committed to proving herself the better “future CEO” of their funeral business, Heaven’s Gate, but she couldn’t get past Edward’s effortless performance in the company. Her sales won’t increase despite her hard work while Edward easily charmed a client to avail their most expensive memorial package for the whole family. Edward got their parents Robert (Bart Guingona) and Andrea (Mylene Dizon)’s praises. And while she didn’t hear any insult, Eileen knew deep inside she wasn’t enough.

Eileen feels as inferior at home because even the helpers, especially Manang Ofelia (Janice De Belen), are on ‘Team Edward.’ She hates it every time Ofelia defends Edward from their parents.

Although she often gets a greater portion of Andrea’s attention, the latter still wouldn’t want to risk giving her their family business. In that scene, she admitted her mom doesn’t trust her enough to take over Heaven’s Gate in the future. But she still asked their mom to choose between her and Edward. Much to our surprise, Andrea chose Eileen even after Ofelia interrupted the conversation and said siblings are loved equally.

Then, Eileen thought she can manipulate their parents after Edward invested two million pesos in a resto-bar business and continued in his band gigs despite their disapproval. Ofelia asked Eileen to just support Edward’s endeavour. She told her stories of their closeness as kids. But Eileen didn’t listen.

Later on, she found a ‘kontrabida’ partner in Valerie (Zabel Lamberth), the bitter ex-girlfriend ready to destroy Edward if that’s the only way to break him and his new love Jane (Loisa Andalio).

They insinuated that Edward is mentally sick when he said he’s talking to and in love with Jane’s ghost. You surely hated Eileen when she helped send Edward to a mental institution, claiming that his sickness will cause their family’s downfall.

Eileen’s insecurities also affect her relationship with other people, especially with her boyfriend, who grew tired of her toxicity. Scene then revealed that Eileen’s behavior is caused by feeling unloved. It turns out she’s Andrea’s unintended pregnancy and Robert’s stepkid. 

Where will Eileen’s jealousy lead her to? Don’t miss an episode of “Love In 40 Days,” weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.