“Love In 40 Days” stars introduce characters, share what to do in their last 40 Days

We have probably encountered the question, “If it’s your last day on Earth, what would you likely do?” so many times, either among our conversations with friends or some of the television interviews we’ve seen. However, what if you find out that you only have 40 days to live? How do you think you’re going to spend it?

That’s the question the cast of the upcoming series Love In 40 Days answered in its “The Making” video recently uploaded on the ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube channel, in which they also introduced their respective characters.

On their remaining 40 Days

Most of them retorted that they’re likely to spend their remaining days here on earth with their family. As mothers, it’s expected that seasoned actresses Lotlot de Leon, Janice de Belen, and Mylene Dizon will just enjoy their last days when they are left with their families.

Chie Filomeno couldn’t help but be emotional as she imparted that she’s likely to squeeze in those 40 days with all her loved ones. Ahron Villena, meanwhile, will probably gorge on all the food that he’s been wanting to eat, similar to Trina Legaspi who chucklingly uttered, “wala nang diet-diet”.

It may be unlikely to ask that question to a child, but young actor Josh de Guzman said that he would leave beautiful and unforgettable memories with his family by spending his last days with them.

Young couple Andi Abaya and Kobie Brown, on the other hand, had different responses. For Andi, she’s likely to achieve the goals that her family would also want her to attain for herself, while Kobie would love to spend a lot of time with his on-and-off-screen partner Andi on his remaining days.

Theater actor Vaughn Piczon wishes to satisfy his yearning to perform onstage again, while Raven Molina will surely correct all his wrongdoings in his last 40 days on earth. Renshi de Guzman, Zabel Lamberth, and Benedix Ramos are all going to spend those days exploring the world – as Renshi will go to places he hasn’t been to; Zabel would love to see the Northern Lights that can be viewed best on Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland; while Benedix wishes to travel with family and friends.

The veteran actors, meanwhile, had different plans on how they would want to spend their last 40 days. Maria Isabel Lopez is going to indulge herself in doing the things she’s been wanting to do, which is similar to what Ana Abad Santos will likely do as she seemingly imagines going on an adventure ala-“Eat, Pray, Love”. While Bart Guingona eyes to go skydiving, William Lorenzo disclosed that he’ll use those times to apologize to all his shortcomings.

Love In 40 Days lead star and real-life couple Ronnie Alonte and Loisa Andalio are likely going to just fully enjoy their remaining days by bonding with their families and with one another.

Being the oldest in the ensemble, veteran actor-comedian Leo Martinez, on the other hand, said that he won’t change anything since he’s already at his PHD – “preparing for happy death”.

The cast and their characters

As we all know, Love In 40 Days is top-billed by reel-and-real-life sweetheart Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte. She plays the palaban and cold-hearted Jane Marasigan, who does everything for her family and tends to fight for s lot of things in order to prove herself. Ronnie, meanwhile, is the strong-willed Edward Montemayor, the son of the owner of a huge funeral business, whose third eye got opened after being hit hard on the head.

Among the people around Edward are Ofelia (Janice), the nanny-slash-majordomo who loves to meddle in the Montemayor family issues and is his loving yaya and confidant; Andrea (Mylene), his domineering mom who does everything for their business and family; Robert (Bart), his strict father who owns a string of funeral homes; and Eileen (Chie), his sister who also does everything she can for her family in order to please other people, yet fails to do so to herself.

On the other hand, the people surrounding Jane are Tiyang Berta (Maria Isabel), a tough, greedy, and talkative woman who raised her after her mom passed away; Kokoy (Renshi), the selfish and mischievous son of Berta; Mon-Mon (Josh), her kind and loving nine-year-old brother; Alice (Trina), her loyal, very supportive, and straightforward best friend; Marco (Ahron), her colleague who serves as her arch-enemy; and Robbie (Raven Molina), her pain in the neck and “sad boy” ex-boyfriend.

They may come from different walks of life, but Edward and Jane are connected by one person – Valerie (Zabel Lamberth), her half-sister who is madly in love with him. She is the daughter of Jane’s father Jessie (William Lorenzo) to his wife Susan (Ana Abad Santos). 

As Jane transits to the afterlife, she’s going to meet a group of spirits at the “tawiran” or halfway point between heaven and hell called the “Evergreen Mansion”. They are spearheaded by their general manager Mr. Guzman, who will be played by Leo Martinez.

Among the spirits she will meet there are Mama Diana (Lotlot de Leon), the nanay-nanayan of everyone who also serves as their chef and adviser, especially to Jane; Elias (Vaughn Piczon), a young man from the 1950s who works as the assistant manager; Celine (Andi Abaya), one of the chambermaids who will help Jane in the entire 40 days for her to cross to the afterlife; Brock (Kobie), a hardworking and cheerful who’s also the boyfriend of Celine; and George (Benedix Ramos), the talented and cool chauffeur of the dead who loves to rap.

The premise and life lessons

 The premise of this new teleserye, according to Direk Manny Q. Palo, is about being given another 40 days before we come face-to-face with our Creator for us to correct our mistakes and give ourselves and our loved ones a sense of closure. Besides, it will also show the characters, especially of Loisa and Ronnie, being given the chance to accept, to give, and to experience love.

Direk Jojo Saguin added that the narrative is going to revolve around two dimensions – the real world and the pseudo-fantasy world, made flavorful by the extraordinary story of love and relationship.

Then, why is it a must-watch? Well, aside from the fact that Love In 40 Days is LoiNie’s first-ever major teleserye, the two directors also promised that it is going to fill our nights with kilig and delight us with the fresh combination of veteran, seasoned, and new artists, too!

Direk Manny further implied that the valuable lessons they would want to impart to the viewers is that it’s never too late to forgive and ask for forgiveness .Meanwhile, for actor Leo Martinez, it would be “Life is a blessing – magmahal, magpatawad, ipagdiwang mo ang buhay”.

Don’t dare “ghost” the premiere of Love In 40 Days this coming May 30 at 10PM, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z Channel 11, iWantTFC, and TFC.