5 times LoiNie revived our dead hearts with their romantic scenes in “Love In 40 Days”

Love In 40 Days brought our emotions into overdrive with the love story of Edward (Ronnie Alonte) and Jane (Loisa Andalio). Their tale of a guy who fell in love with a ghost is unlike any other. But behind the theme of fantasy, these characters delivered a resounding lesson that love truly makes things possible. It’s time to close their book, but before that, let us relive their sweetest moments in the teleserye via this Friday 5 feature.

You know love hits different when they suddenly make you want to write a love song. Jane had this kind of effect on Edward. She inspired him to finish the song that will usher him to stardom, much like how she made his life complete. Heavens must have blessed their hearts to be able to kiss each other even if Jane is a ghost.

But that wasn’t the case before. There was a time they made do with expressing their emotions only through words and not physical touch. Yet, the ‘kilig’ was strong and we felt Edward’s heart racing when he confessed under the rain. It was so romantic it hurts.

It felt like summer love when he brought her to a garden full of flowers. The sunshine was energizing. There were smiles as they gaze into each other’s eyes. Then, they slow-danced, with the wind as their music. This is what fairytales are made of! So dreamy and blissful, it sure induced ‘aww’ and ‘sana all’ reactions from viewers.

Wouldn’t you feel ‘kilig’ when you hear your significant other pray to God about you? The scene where they went to a chapel and made their promises in front of the altar was full of heart-fluttering sentimentality and it felt like a wedding.

We can only imagine their joy when Jane finally wakes up from a coma. Edward thanked her for being brave and strong. Their love was definitely her driving force to fight for her life. It has already conquered death and uncertainties, and now that Jane is alive, there’s no turning back. Leaving their fears behind, Jane and Edward can be seen talking to each other in the last clip, musing on how good life is for gifting them with a second chance.

How did Love In 40 Days revive your dead heart, Kapamilya?

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