KChat Kaila on Linlang co-stars

Kaila Estrada is stepping into 2024 with promising opportunities, and at the forefront is the teleserye version of “Linlang.” Originally a 14-episode series on Prime Video, the show garnered immense popularity, prompting its transition to the Kapamilya primetime block starting January 22.

Known for her remarkable portrayal of Sylvia in the original series, Kaila recently graced an episode of Kapamilya Chat to share insights into "Linlang: The Teleserye Version." The Kapamilya actress hinted at never-before-seen scenes and deeper explorations into each character's backstory, promising a fresh and captivating experience for viewers.

She expressed her excitement about the expanded version, revealing that audiences will gain a deeper understanding of Sylvia's complex relationship with her cheating husband, Alex (JM de Guzman). For one, viewers will understand why Sylvia couldn’t just let Alex go. "Linlang: The Teleserye Version" is set to deliver more twists and turns, ensuring that even those who have seen the original series will be in for a treat.

Kaila has gained a new family working on this series. Sharing the screen with accomplished actors like Paulo Avelino, Maricel Soriano, JM de Guzman, and Kim Chiu, she candidly shared her discoveries about them.

She mentioned that despite minimal on-screen interaction with Paulo, she noticed his warmth and approachability. Maricel, whom she affectionately dubbed her "work mom," left a lasting impression with thoughtful gestures like preparing the bathroom for her after filming a bloody scene.

Speaking of her on-screen rival, Kim, she emphasized the latter’s infectious and bubbly personality.

On JM, she noted that he is quiet, but has a ‘kulit’ side, which he unveils during interactions with her and Maricel. She admires his meticulous process as an actor as he takes his alone time in preparation for a scene. She also appreciates his collaborative spirit.

Starting January 22, two versions of Kaila will be seen on primetime TV, as she’s also part of the DonBelle series “Can’t Buy Me Love.” Kaila didn’t imagine this rare opportunity would come. Honestly, she feels a bit pressured, knowing viewers would compare her back-to-back characters. At the same time, she remains thankful and excited for the audience to witness this dual spectacle, emphasizing that Sylvia and Bettina (her character in “Can’t Buy Me Love”) are two different individuals from different teleserye genres.

Kaila leaves viewers with a promise – “Linlang: The Teleserye Version” may be the same story, but it guarantees a different and enthralling experience for all viewers.