Kapamilya Update Kim as Juliana Linlang

She may be one of the most admired celebrities in the local entertainment scene at present, but it’s totally a different story everytime we see Kim Chiu in the controversial series Linlang as she compellingly portrays her role Juliana, arguably one of the characters we’ve loved to hate throughout ABS-CBN’s teleserye history.

As much as we want to understand where Juliana is coming from for committing all the treacherous and exasperating things that she has been doing, some viewers arguably find her irrational. Both she and her husband Victor (Paulo Avelino) may be at fault for the crumbling of their marriage, yet it is her who isn’t willing to talk things out and revive the once beautiful relationship they had.

And in this Kapamilya Update feature, let us revisit some of Juliana’s ferocious, irritating, and moving scenes that showcased Kim’s astounding versatility and prowess as a seasoned actress.

Let’s begin with that instance when Juliana lashed out at Victor as he rebuked her for having an extramarital affair. She told him that her paramour was way different than him because it was him who was by her side, especially during the times that she needed someone to lean on and watch over her. It can be recalled that her indifference toward him started when they lost their firstborn and he chose to pursue his work abroad instead of staying to grieve with her and take care of her and their daughter. 

As it turns out, it is Victor’s half-brother Alex (JM de Guzman), who is her kabit. At the same time, she also becomes his mistress since Alex because we all know that he has a wife, Sylvia (Kaila Estrada), who is initially unaware of his infidelity and it is with her sister-in-law Juliana.

She may be the one who’s on the wrong side of the narrative, but it is still Juliana who dares to be arrogant when confronted by Victor anew regarding the identity of her lover. Instead, she pinned the blame on him once again by bringing up his shortcomings to her and their kid.

Juliana exuded the same attitude toward her mother-in-law Amelia (Maricel Soriano) after she confronted her about her illicit affair with her beloved son Alex and asked her to break up with him. However, instead of heeding Amelia’s command, Juliana told her that it will never happen and reminded her that it isn’t only her reputation that would be tarnished, but also his son, who’s a respected lawyer.

Their altercation had a second round after Amelia caught the illicit lovers red-handed while their family was attending the Recognition Day at the school where Amelia serves as a teacher and Juliana and Victor’s daughter Abby (Hanna Lexie). While we expect her to apologize, Juliana even further triggered Amelia by insisting that it isn’t only her who likes this set-up, but also Alex. Thick-faced to the highest level, right?

And speaking of triggered, Juliana absolutely piqued the anger of viewers when she maligned Victor to the authorities after he wreaked havoc at their love nest upon catching them having an intimate moment. Victor mercilessly beat him up until he lost consciousness, leaving Juliana completely helpless. Since she and Alex want Victor to be out of their lives, Juliana told the investigator that he has anger management and that Alex was at her house in the middle of the night to help her fix a burnt-out light.

As if that was not enough yet for them to stop their illicit romance, Alex did a surprise visit to Juliana while she was alone at the house and Victor and Abby were away. She shooed him away repeatedly in fear that someone would catch them, but Alex insisted on staying since he had been yearning to see and touch her. Lucky for them, Victor failed to catch their indecent act when he got back.

Did you also feel gigil toward Juliana in these scenes? Well, brace yourselves because definitely going to expect more in the next episodes of Linlang: The Teleserye Version. Never miss an episode every weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z, and TV5.