Linlang Cast BTS Photos

The recent episodes of “Linlang: The Teleserye Version” are certainly keeping us glued to our seats as the characters find themselves entangled in a deeper web of love, lies and infidelity. Each cast member are serving up their most intense performances and huge emotions in every scene.

But what happened behind the cameras was a different story, as the actors really got along well with each other and managed to enjoy some lighthearted moments in-between takes. Below, we’ve gathered some behind-the-scenes snaps they shared on social media that prove they had a blast working on the series.

For starters, here’s a photo of Kim Chiu and JM De Guzman, who play Juliana and Alex in the series. While we wish to break our screens in ‘gigil’ over their characters’ infidelity, in real life, they make us want to break out into smiles with their wackiness.

Kim and JM

Nothing could stop these two from acting ‘pa-cute’ for selfies, not even the fake blood on Kim’s face.

Kim and JM

And, for all KimPau fans, Kim shared BTS photos with Paulo Avelino, who plays her husband Victor in the story.

Paulo Avelino and Kim Chiu

KimPau had to don school uniforms to establish their characters’’ journey as a couple, giving ‘young love, sweet love’ feels!

Paulo Avelino and Kim Chiu

Love triangle on screen, just a fun trio off-screen!

Paulo Avelino, Kim Chiu and JM de Guzman

Paulo Avelino, Kim Chiu and JM de Guzman

Of course, Kim did not miss the chance to taste the iconic ‘sampal’ of Maricel Soriano. But when the cameras were not rolling, the two only shared hugs and tender moments with each other.

Kim Chiu and Maricel Soriano

Child star Hannah Lexie, who portrays Kim and Paulo’s daughter, Abby, must be so lucky to have rubbed elbows and share screens with acting giants Maricel and Ruby Ruiz.

Maricel soriano and Hannah Lexie

Hannah Lexie and Ruby Ruiz

Of course, TikTok dance with her mommy!



Kaila Estrada also enjoyed her stint as Sylvia, the wife who is meek sometimes, but also fierce on most days.

Kaila Estrada

Any actress would definitely want to experience the rollercoaster ride she had in the series.

Kaila Estrada and JM de Guzman

Maricel Soriano and Kaila Estrada

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*Photos from Kim Chiu, Kaila Estrada, JM DE Guzman, Hannah Lexie Instagram