Lena makes enemies pay for their sins

Shookt! Lukas (Raymond Bagatsing), Lena’s (Erich Gonzales) father, appears to have outwitted his daughter, who was stunned to learn that the business bequeathed to her is mired in debts.

As she fights her way out of danger, Lena is relentless in seeking revenge against her enemies – an obsessed ex-boyfriend, a money-hungry lover, and an insecure stepmom – in the final three weeks of “La Vida Lena” on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, at TV5.

Lena is looking to secure funding to pay for her employees’ separation benefits after filing for bankruptcy. Adrian (JC De Vera), Lena’s ex-boyfriend, jumps at the opportunity to get close to her by offering her money, while confessing that he never stopped loving her and has never forgotten about the time they had spent together. Adrian will also beg Lena to start a new life with him away from their family problems.

After Lena rejects him, Adrian will become increasingly possessive and dangerously obsessed with her to the point where he vows that if he cannot have her, no one else will.

Even Vanessa (Agot Isidro), Adrian’s mom and Lena’s stepmom, will reach a breaking point. After being cut out of Lukas’ will, Vanessa will blame Lena for all of her misfortunes, and out of revenge and desperation, will attempt to throw acid on Lena’s face.

Meanwhile, Lena’s boyfriend Miguel (Kit) will continue to manipulate her and even convince her to marry so he can share in Lena’s fortune.

While dealing with her enemies, Lena is also working to get her friend Ramona (Janice De Belen) out of jail after she was arrested on suspicion of murder in the killing of Lukas.

Will Lena be able to outsmart the Narcisos? Will she finally get the justice she deserves?

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