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Teaching Kids the 5 Love Languages 

Love comes in different forms and expressions. Sometimes, it can get confusing or even overwhleming not just for kids but even for us adults. That’s why it is important that we introduce our children to the different ways they can express this huge feeling. Learning Dr. Gary Chapman’s 5 love languages is one way to simplify the concept of love and a great way to connect with our kids. Here are some activities you can try to explore the 5 love languages with your kids! 


  1. Giving Gifts 

Gifts are one easy way to tell someone that you love them. After all, who does not like receiving gifts from someone? Gift giving is a love expression that parents can teach their kids at an early age, as it not only helps them express their love but also teaches them the importance of sharing. It is also more special and enjoyable for kids if they get to make the gift themselves. Here's one DIY project from Art Jam you can make with recyled denim! 



  1. Quality Time  

Spending time with your kids allows you to build a stronger connection with them. You get to know what they want and what they enjoy doing. Free time can be spent doing any activities together, like making art, watching movies, traveling, eating out, or, like most children like to do, playing outside! Whatever activity it is, spending time and making memories with them is something they’ll surely treasure growing up. Try out this fun Pinoy game you can play with the whole family!  


  1. Acts of Service 

Don’t you just love it when someone does nice things or go out of their way to help you? This goes even for kids. Show them how a little act of kindness can brighten someone’s day. Watch this story from Kwentoons! 


  1. Words of Affirmation 

Sending letters or greeting cards is a classic way of telling someone you think about them and that you love them. Sending cards or letters helps children express their love through handwritten messages or through their own drawings and doodles. They are able to express their inner thoughts while also making the cards and letters more personalized and special. Here’s a fun pop up card tutorial you can try making together! 


  1. Physical Touch 

Physical touch can be one of the easiest way to express love for kids. This could be through hugs, kisses, or even a pat on the back. However, we should also be mindful to teach them the concept of consent along with types of touch are considered appropriate. 


Expressing love can be different for every child. That’s why it's important that try to understand and guide them as they to figure things out while most importantly, making them feel loved in the process. Do you have more ways on expressing love? Share this article with your tip! For more educational and engaging content like this, be sure to follow Knowledge Channel on YouTubeFacebookInstagramTikTok, or Twitter (X) accounts!