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5 Tips To Stay Healthy and Happy this Summer


Summer’s here! This is usually the season kids get the most excited about because they get to do a lot of fun activities under the sun. However, the change in temperature and constant interaction outside also triggers various sicknesses like flu, sore eyes, and measles. So here are 5 easy ways to stay healthy and happy this summer! 


  1. Get moving! 

Exercise doesn't have to feel like a chore. Find an activity you enjoy! Try dancing to your favorite tunes, swimming, biking, or playing basketball. The more fun it is, the more likely you and your kids will stick with it. Better if you can make it part of your routine! 


  1. Eat the rainbow!  

Colorful fruits and vegetables make a beautiful, tasty, and nutritious meal! Each color on your plate represents different vitamins and minerals essential for our body to function properly. Check these healthy budgetarian meals you can prepare for your kids!  


  1. Stay hydrated!  

It’s important to drink plenty of water especially during the summer. You can encourage your family to carry water bottles with them throughout the day to track water intake. You can even use a song as a reminder! Check this one from ATBP!  



  1. Get your Zzz's!  

Nothing beats a good night sleep to make you feel energized and ready to take on another day. Try this on your next bedtime story session! 



  1. Practice mindfulness. 

While it’s fun to stay active under the sun, it’s also important that we take time to slow down. Meditation can be a helpful practice for kids because it promotes mindfulness, emotional regulation, and self-awareness. Try this simple practice you can incorporate in your activities. 


So there you have it. What do you usually do during the summer? Share this article with your own tips! Whatever you have planned, we hope you and your family would have a healthy and happy summer vacation! 


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