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5 Fun Ways For Kids to Eat Healthy and Happy


Are your kids picky eaters? It can get really challenging especially when they are at an age where they are discovering what they want and enjoy in food. However, we should remain mindful of what we give them to make sure they get the nutrients that their growing body needs. So, here are 5 things you can do to encourage them to eat healthy! 


  1. Awareness is key. 

Let your kids in on why it’s important to eat healthy. You can start by introducing the basic food groups and making ways to incorporate thse to your family’s diet. Here’s a fun explainer you can show them! 


  1. Gamify it! 

Keep it entertaining! You can mention fun facts about their meals. You can even gamify it with a quiz or a blind taste test as they explore flavors and textures. Try this quiz with them from Knowledge On the Go! 


  1. Include them in preparing their favorite meals. 

Showing and teaching our kids how meals are made helps deepen their appreciation for it because they get to be a part of the process. It is also a good opportunity to spend quality time with your kids. Go on a delicious adventure with this Island Burger recipe from Art Jam! 



  1. Incorporate fresh produce on their favorite snacks. 

Put a colorful twist on their favorite snacks by sneaking in fruits and veggies! It is also a chance to introduce seasonal produce! Check out this not-so-traditional pizza recipe! 



  1. Make kids look forward to their meal. 

Ask your kids what they want to eat or prepare a special food based on the weather! With the rainy season, nothing is cozier than being wrapped in a blanket while binge watching their favorite shows. Keep the cozy vibes going on with the warm bowl of arroz caldo as you start with this story from Wikaharian! 


There you have it. How do you usually motivate your kids to eat healthy? Share this article with your own tips! Don’t forget to tag Knowledge Channel’s official Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter account!