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Vice Ganda and the Bad Dog toy

You’re in for some hilarious screams and reactions when you watch Vice Ganda’s latest shenanigan.

In his recently uploaded vlog entitled “Mother Horsey’s Bad Doggy: Sinong Nakagat?” Vice brings a dog backstage of It’s Showtime’s studio. Although, it’s not a living breathing animal as some might expect. It’s a little toy with a bulldog, a bowl full of colored bones, and a pair of tongs.

Vice showed it first to his boyfriend Ion Perez and fellow show host Ryan Bang while lounging in one of the dressing rooms. He dared them both to try out the toy, which was called “Bad Dog.” When asked how it was played, Vice simply said that they have to get a certain number of colored bones from the bowl using the tongs.

Ryan was confident that it was an easy challenge and tried it out first. Vice asked him to get five yellow bones and then pushed a button to start. As the bulldog made growling sounds, Ryan tried to pick out the first yellow bone. But before he could get it out, the dog swiftly moved forward and tried biting his hand. Ryan got shocked and screamed, which surprised Ion and Vice too!

Now that they had an idea of how the game worked, Vice upped the stakes and promised to give 5,000 pesos if they completed the task. Even if Ryan felt like he almost had a heart attack, he tried it again. Unfortunately, the bad dog got the best of him once again.

Ion was also game to try it, but right after getting one bone out, the dog was triggered and bit his hand. Surprised, he whirled the game to the floor. While the three of them had a laugh out of all this, Vice thought it might be fun to prank his other friends including Kim Chiu, Ate Girl Jackie, and Angeline Quinto.

Dangling a prize of 5,000 pesso, Vice merely told them to get the colored bones out of the bowl within 10 seconds. What they didn’t know was that the dog would move and try to bite them at a random point in time, making it difficult to complete the challenge at all! They would be shouting in shock and then laughing it off after.

Do you think one of them completed it in time? Watch Vice Ganda’s vlog to find out and laugh along with him as he witnesses their wide-eyed funny faces.