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Vice Ganda looks back on remarkable student days in FEU

Aside from his witty remarks and banters with his It’s Showtime co-hosts, we also love it every time Vice Ganda talks about his humble beginnings, such as his simple life in Tambunting Street in Tondo, Manila City and his unforgettable memories as a student of Far Eastern University.

And in his latest vlog, he took us back to his remarkable student days as he visited and toured us around his beloved alma mater in Manila City. Of course, he didn’t do it alone because he was accompanied by his gregarious “beks-friends” Tonton, Orli, and Kitty that made the tour extra fun.

According to him, this was where his “kabaklaan” was established as this used to be his home for many years since he studied high school and college there. He started the excursion at its Gate 4, where he used to usually enter and apply his wits to the security guards because he often forgot his ID and didn’t wear uniform.

Their group was warmly and cheerful welcomed by the swarm of students, who wants to get a glimpse and take a snap of the Unkabogable host. He initially showed the Admissions Building, which used to be the Medicine Building; the part of the Freedom Park where he and his friends used to play football; the chapel where he used to serve as a soloist, lector and commentator, upon his former Philosophy professor’s request.

The Unkabogable Star then brought us to his and his university friends’ favorite tambayan spots within the campus, where they spend time chatting with one another and even held their beauty pageants for gays. He indeed takes pride on how FEU has been gender inclusive since his time, as they allow their LGBT+ students to express themselves according to their gender identity, and even legitimize gay groups in pursuit of representation in various inter-school events. In fact, he was among the pioneer officers of an organization called “SHE”, or Society of Homosexual Emergence.

After showing his “beks friends” the area where he used to play volleyball with his friends and fell on the water while swinging on a chain barricade, they headed to the canteen, fondly called by their community “Tayuman” since it has no chairs and students have to eat while standing by the high tables. Since Vice was already reliving his student days, they also bought hotdogs and buko juice to quench their hunger and thirst as they continue to move around.

They then went to the campus bookstore, which used to be a cooperative where they usually bought exam papers or books. But now, aside from books, FEU memorabilia can also be purchased here and the friendly staff even gave their squad free T-shirts, with a notebook and tote bag for the Everybody Sing host.

Vice took us to the grandstand afterwards, where they usually hold rehearsals for their performances in pageants, concerts, and playtime Miss Gay contests. He then went on to impart that FEU is also the home of popular transgender queens, such as Koko Artadi, who used to be his classmate, and Gilliane Sytangco, who joined a gay competition in another network. Aside from him, other FEU celebrity alumni include Ai-Ai Delas Alas and Tessie Tomas.

Before he became a founding officer of a prominent gay group, Vice disclosed that he used to be one of their school’s boy scouts, which headquarters was located below the grandstand. They then headed to the Nicanor Reyes Hall, where the former ROTC office and Post Office are found, which are now exhibit hall and NSTP (national service training program). He also spotted his classroom when he was still a high school freshman and shared that he was in section 1, the class president, and an officer of the Freshman organization of their batch.

After mingling with a few students in another canteen they passed by, Vice then brought his “beks friends” to a favorite tambayan, which was just outside the fully air-conditioned Administration Building. They also had a brief kulitan moment with three nursing students who were sitting beside them.

Vice capped off the vlog by thanking the viewers and the students for accompanying him in reliving his fond memories at his beloved alma mater.

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