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Ryan’s funny moments on It’s Showtime that will bring laugh trip with a bang!

Charming the madlang people with his antics has been the life of Ryan Bang for the past decade, so it’s not surprising that he learned to memorize his audiences’ funny bones. 

Here are some of Ryan’s most ‘havey’ jokes and hilarious moments on It’s Showtime! that will make you laugh lilly, lilly (really, really) hard!  

Ryan’s comedic tank does not run out of funny mispronunciations. But apart from the ‘bulol’ jokes, he’s also known for bantering about restaurant bill bloopers. His It’s Showtime! co-hosts like Billy Crawford and Vice Ganda were victims of his hilarious dine-in ‘scam.’ They revealed that Ryan loves to dine out and pass on the bill. 

In what seemed like payback time, he once fell victim to Karylle’s ‘budol’ as well, forcing him to drive back and forth Quezon City to Makati for her Ate Karylle’s sudden whims.   

The Philippines’ favorite ‘oppa’ often makes his moves on pretty Tawag ng Tanghalan contenders, resulting in side-splitting interactions. He once tried to charm a contestant who loves travelling to Korea and another beautiful girl who stole his heart with a smile, leaving him distracted in the middle of his gong-bassadorduties. 

Candid love hugots were served in an episode where Vice revealed Ryan’s attempt to romantically pursue Hurado Yeng Constantino, months before she became official with now-husband, Yan Asuncion. In what seemed like an impromptu hot seat interview, Ryan confessed that they attended church together once. Yeng butted in, joking that Ryan found somebody else to woo. 

Even while he’s not trying and with eyes closed, Ryan still brings the viewers a pocketful of good vibes. In an episode, he was caught sleeping on Jhong Hilario’s camera. Ryan poked fun at himself and made some hilarious excuses.

The new breed of comedy gem would often joke about feeling frustrated at being denied to host the TNT segment. So, one time, hilarity ensued when Jhong willingly stepped down to take over the gong and give Ryan his spot on the TNT stage. 

He is always teased about his poor Tagalog and hosting skills, and he doesn’t mind riding along the playful threats. The crowd and hosts roared in hysterical laughter when Ryan was warned of being replaced by Jinho Bae, the Korean contestant whose effortless comedic timing entertained the madlang people during the KapareWho segment. Ryan showcased his nonstop wit and humor as he jestingly defended his spot from his new rival.

The energetic Ryan will always want to make the viewers laugh. So, don’t miss his hilarious shenanigans on It’s Showtime!