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How Ate Girl Jackie won our hearts unmissable beauty, impressive talents in It’s Showtime

It has already been almost three years since we first met Jackie Gyl Gonzaga, who’s more popularly known as “Ate Girl”, on It’s Showtime. Avid madlang people could probably recall that it was Vice Ganda who introduced her to us in a truly bizarre way in the first season of Miss Q & A in 2018.

From being one of the talented backup dancers who accompanied the hosts and the guests in their performances, she went on to become one of the faces of the program. And in this episode of Kapamilya Spotlight, let’s take a look back on some of her most remarkable and funny moments on It’s Showtime.

It all began during her stint in the Miss Q & A segment wherein she was assigned to be the one to hold the bowl of questions. Unexpectedly, the Unkabogable Star came up with a spontaneous romantic skit along with guest co-host to which Jackie impressively rode in. Since then, their fantastic trio had been anticipated by the audiences.

Their mini serye may have ended, but her star went on to shine even brighter as she was bestowed her own spotlight. The 26-year-old dancer has been given the opportunity to mingle with the other members of the ever-growing family. She’s able to join them in various segments and can now exchange banters with and joke around her co-hosts.

But Ate Girl Jackie’s admirable rapport with them isn’t only on-cam, as it has also transcended behind the camera. She has developed deep friendships with them, especially to her former on-screen partner Vice Ganda. In fact, she revealed that Vice gave her some of the pieces she wore on the show, such as the polka dot crop top and shimmering boots she proudly flaunted in two different episodes.

She may have been an official mainstay, yet she still goes back to where she came from – as a dancer – because we can still see her bust some moves from time to time, either through a full production number, a part of a segment, or she was only told by her co-hosts to do so.

Indeed, it’s truly amazing to realize that Ate Girl Jackie has already gone a long way from being a back-up dancer to becoming one of the regular fixtures in the program after her impressive portrayal on that made-up, sweet love story three years ago.

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