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Extremely hilarious moments on It’s Showtime that made Vice Ganda laugh out loud

Vice Ganda, no doubt, has always been recognized as one of Philippines’ top comedians.

Yet, there are also moments in his TV stints, particularly as a host on It’s Showtime, wherein Vice would be the one ending up rolling in the aisles. Most of the time, the madlang people would see him laugh out loud when his fellow hosts or guests receive their rip-roaring FUNishments on “Mas Testing” segment. 

We witness these amusing and delightful “Happy Vice” moments in this Kapamilya Toplist.

We would burst out laughing as we see Vice himself falling down on the floor seeing 2018 Miss Q&A grand winner Juliana Parizcova Segovia eating buttered corn on a cob, despite her limitations. Another instance was when KaladKaren trying to break through cellophane as her FUNishment, which reminded Vice of an alien being born.

But ever since, Vice has always been left in tatters with hilarious banters with co-hosts, most notably Vhong Navarro, whom he identifies as his “tormentor.” First he would try to exact revenge on the fellow TV host-comedian by startling him, and mention his on-air verbal slip-ups, especially when he misread “stars” as “as” and when he stuttered in recalling a Twitter user’s name.

Vice would also make fun of her co-host’s attempts at giving out meaningful advice, just like Jhong Hilario’s statement about riding motorcycles. He would ridicule how he mistakenly mentions words to describe Tawag Ng Tanghalan contestants, such as one time he described a female contender as “straightforward.”

But what really makes Vice crack up is when he makes comments about his co-hosts’ fashion choices. Jhong Hilario has always been his victim, as the Unkabogable Star would notice the red shoes and the cream turtleneck sweater he wore. In another edition of “Mas Testing,” Ion Perez would refuse to follow Vice’s request to show his underwear, as he embarrassingly revealed it was torn, which shocked and amused the Phenomenal Star.

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