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Argus’ cutest, wittiest moments on It’s Showtime that truly brought us good vibes

As It’s Showtime launches its newest segment “Isip Bata,” it also introduced to us several child wonders who serve as the kiddie advisors or “Batang Cute-po” of the studio contestants in choosing their answers to every question. And one of them is the adorable online sensation Argus Aspiras, who’s also known as the “Tinapay Kid”.

With how irresistibly cute and impressively witty and articulate he is, it’s definitely easy for him to capture the hearts of the madlang people and the hosts, especially Vice Ganda, who is apparently so fond of him. Since many of us surely couldn’t get enough of him, let us look back on some of his most delightful moments on the show in this Kapamilya Toplist feature!

On his first day on the noontime program, he immediately wowed us when he was able to enumerate in chronological order all the 17 presidents of the Republic of the Philippines, and even uttered the popular battle cry of former President Joseph Ejercito-Estrada that was “Erap Para Sa Mahirap.” Aside from the presidents, he was also able to identify the flags of the different countries in the world.

Just when we thought that he only got the cuteness and the brains, Argus was able to showcase his snazzy dancing skills, too, alongside his fellow Batang Cute-pos Yzah, Kulot, and Jaze. He also has a natural flair in comedy that he was able to show off when asked by the Unkabogable Star to try speaking in Korean, as many viewers assumed that he is Korean.

At a young age, he already has sensible takes on adult issues that were truly impressive. When asked if using phones while driving is bad, he said that it is and went on to share possible tragic scenarios that he could imagine – from falling to the sea and being bitten by sharks. Drinking alcohol is also bad for him and he wants adults, like his father, to stop doing it. Meanwhile, with regards to his contribution in fixing the economy of the country, he would work as a policeman someday, like his ultimate idol – his daddy, who is currently based in South Sudan.

Apart from his cuteness and cleverness, he also melted our hearts with his sweetness. While he expressed his wish to buy shoes for himself, he wanted to buy his daddy a new police uniform since the one he’s currently using is already old. On the other hand, he likes to surprise his mommy with a bag, which absolutely touched the everyone, especially host Anne Curtis. Aside from giving her a bag, he also demonstrated how he massages his mommy whenever her head aches and imparted that he kisses her before they go to sleep.

And just like any other kids, Argus can be really, really honest, too! In one episode, he confessed that he used to pee on their bed and that he actually keeps lumpiang shanghai in his pocket, which truly amused us. He also didn’t hesitate to expose his mommy, who, according to him, is the real reason why they’re late since she moves too slow, as well as his daddy who is “mayabang” or boastful. Ultimately, who would forget that instance when he uttered that he doesn’t want his face to get dirty in fear of getting bald, much to the amusement of the hosts.

With his charm and wit, there’s no doubt that Argus is really born not just to bring happiness to his family, but in front of the cameras, too!

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