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5 times cheerful Kim Chiu shed tears on It’s Showtime

While the ever-gregarious It’s Showtime family has always been providing us with good vibes and laughter through their hilarious banters and shenanigans in the past decade, our favorite noontime viewing habit has indeed become more fun as Kim Chiu officially became one of them.

From being a guest co-host in the previous years, she was announced as the newest addition to the family in September 2020 and has since filled our almost every day with her mesmerizing beauty, infectious giggle, incomparable energy, and impressive talent in hosting and comedy.

But in the previous months that she has been on the show, aside from her admirable vivacious personality, we also got to witness her emotional side through the instances when she wasn’t able to hold her overwhelming emotions. Revisit those endearing, tear-jerking moments that made her cry via this Kapamilya Toplist feature!

As we all know, ABS-CBN faced a lot of challenges and setbacks in 2020 due to loss of franchise that hindered the network from airing its shows on free television for months, until its partnership with A2Z Channel 11 was announced. This move indeed brought happiness to everyone, including the hosts of It’s Showtime. Overjoyed, the Chinita Princess wasn’t able to hold her tears as her co-hosts asked why she was crying right after their opening number.

Since she’s already part of the family, Kim, of course, was part of the show’s annual Magpasikat tradition as Vice Ganda’s teammate in the stirring and evocative performance. As the Unkabogable Star explained what their piece meant, she wasn’t able to help herself from crying, especially when the former mentioned how they witnessed the challenges she had to go through in the past months.

“It’s okay to cry. Kung ano man ang mga pinagdadaanan n’yo ngayon, lilipas din ‘yan. Hindi laging nasa baba, aakyat din sa tamang panahon. With faith, pray lang talaga,” she said.

During one of their conversations with a Tawag Ng Tanghalan contestant last December, Kim couldn’t help herself from shedding tears as Vice talked about drawing strength from God amidst the hurtful things and snide remarks they had to endure as public figures, which really tugged at her heartstrings.

They may not be able to celebrate the Unakabogable Star’s birthday last March 31 after they had to temporarily halt their tapings, but each of the hosts were still able to give their messages for him in person when the live shows resumed. Initially dodging Vhong Navarro’s teasing why she seemed to be emotional, Kim eventually broke into tears as she expressed her gratitude towards him for warmly welcoming her to the family, for being generous in every aspect, and for being such an inspiration, sunshine, and stronghold for all the people around him.

As she turned 31 last April 19, each of her co-hosts gave their sincere, sappy birthday messages for her that really warmed her heart. But what apparently pierced her the most was the message of Amy Perez, who she regards as her confidante ever since her days as a guest co-host. As Tyang Amy recalled how she would follow her everywhere she goes then, Kim confessed that she actually used to be so bashful for she didn’t know yet how to interact with everyone off-cam. But those tears turned into chuckles as everyone jestingly expressed their astonishment to what they just heard.

Catch Kim Chiu on It’s Showtime, Mondays to Saturdays, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11.