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Showtime Toplist 15 moments of Kulot

She shot to fame as the vivacious, witty, and cute young girl from Taysan, Batangas who amused the netizens with videos of her funny hirits and conversations with her loved ones that are uploaded on Facebook. And now, Kulot, whose real name is Princess Kathryn Caponpon, continues to tread on the path of popularity as one of the well-loved kiddie advisors in the “Isip Bata” segment of It’s Showtime.

While children her age are usually talkative and curious, what makes her standout is her thick Batangueña accent, which we really find awesome, and how she apparently thinks, speaks, and behaves so mature, as if she’s already an adult. Not to mention that she’s also naturally charming and kind, which makes the hosts and the madlang people admire her so much.

So now, let us look back on some of her most adorable and entertaining moments so far on the noontime show in this Kapamilya Toplist feature!

She may not have any background in acting nor underwent any workshop, but Kulot truly impressed us when she took on Meme Vice’s challenges for her to act, dance, and even sing – and nailed them. But more than being a promising performer, we admire her more for how funny and quick-witted she is whenever she comments or responds to the questions asked by the hosts, as well as how animated she is every time she shares stories about random stuff, her personal experiences, her loved ones, her simple and happy life in her hometown, and even her fellow “Isip Bata” kiddie advisors Argus and Lucas’ crush!

With her clever and humorous personality, there’s indeed no doubt that Kulot is a perfect fit in the It’s Showtime family. 

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