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10 times It’s Showtime fam amused us with their competitiveness, shenanigans in “Vest In Spelling”

While spelling isn’t always fun for some, the madlang people surely find it enjoyable especially when it’s the gregarious hosts of It’s Showtime who do it in the “Vest In Spelling” segment. And in this episode of Kapamilya Toplist, let’s look back on some of their hilarious and “chaotic” moments that indeed left us all laughing!

Ever since it was launched a few months ago, it easily became one of our most favorite segments of the long-running noontime program. In this game, each host, sometimes with their celebrity guests, has to wear a vest with two different letters attached to its two flaps. This is played in two different ways – first is for them to come up with short words or the longest word for the day out of the letters they have, while the second is to supply the answers to the game master’s questions by using the letters on their bodies.

Easy as 1-2-3, right? But it becomes challenging since they have to do it within the timeframe given, which make them rattled and confused. Thus, there are times when they get the letters mixed up as much as they try it to be perfect. And due to their competitiveness and in pursuit of winning a score and the corresponding monetary prize in every word they’re going to get correctly, it’s inevitable that things could turn a bit physical. Thankfully, none of the It’s Showtime fam is cranky nor easily gets piqued by jokes.

But despite those funny and excusable errors, there are still instances when they get the words accurately. Of course, they’re doing the best they could in every round of Vest In Spelling in order to spread good vibes and share their little acts of kindness to the hardworking and persistent madlang people who are in great need!

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