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10 funny, cute ‘selosan’ moments of Vice Ganda and Ion on It’s Showtime

They’ve been together for around five years already and, apparently, things continue to go well between co-hosts and real-life couple Vice Ganda and Ion Perez. In those years, everything seems to be always sunshine and rainbows for them, whose romance blossomed through their kulitan moments in the Miss Q & A segment of It’s Showtime.

Little we did know that behind their dialogues and the impromptu skit they carried out during those times, they actually already developed feelings for each other and that got deeper and realer as times went by. Their co-hosts and the madlang people began to notice how they seemed to get so affected by what the other was doing, especially if flirtatious – a.k.a. nagseselos – which we eventually discovered were genuine and not just for the show when they finally confirmed their relationship during the 10th anniversary celebration of the noontime show in 2019.

While it’s already seldom for us to see them have cute and funny ‘selosan’ moments on It’s Showtimelike they used to in the previous years, let us look back on some of those in this feature!

Prior to declaring the real score between them, the Unkabogable Star and Kuya Escort both weren’t able to hide their “jealousy” towards the other’s interactions with guests, contestants, or members of the madlang people in some of the instances when they’re on the same stage during the “Kapare-WHO” and “Mr. Q & A” segments.

And last year, we got to witness a few “selosan” moments between Vice and Ion, who are now blissfully married, every time the latter would try to mingle with the Showtime Sexy Babe contestants, much to the displeasure (yet in jest) of the former.

Did these adorable and hilarious, and even relatable, funny and cute jealous moments of Vice and Ion made you laugh, too, madlang people?

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