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WATCH: It’s Showtime’s “RamPanalo” punishments that truly made us LOL

Aside from the amusing banters among the gregarious hosts of It’s Showtime, another thing that we love about it is how the people behind it are able to come up with totally out-of-the-box and entertaining segments that do not only make the madlang people happy, but also allow them to take home cash prizes.

And last May 4, along with its return to the noontime slot, the well-loved noontime program launched a brand-new segment dubbed “RamPanalo,” which puts a contestant’s luck and one of the hosts’ arithmetic skills to the test. In this game, three huge balls are passed around in the audience area to determine the three players, from which the one who would play for the next round is picked via drawing lots. The final player will have to rearrange the boxes being held by the hosts that contain certain arithmetic operations, which could either increase or decrease the Php50,000 base money, according to their preference.

While the content of the boxes bring excitement to us, what makes this game more fun are the punishments for the “computerist,” or the host randomly chosen to compute the total prize within the three-second time limit. Once he/she fails to do so nor get the correct sum, he/she has to face a punishment that is so droll and unique.

And within its first month, we have already witnessed various “RamPanalo” punishments that we compiled in this Kapamilya Update video!

First off was when Lassy had to squeeze a calamansi into his mouth after getting his computation wrong, jesting that division is actually his weakness.

The It’s Showtime main hosts, meanwhile, poked fun at Cianne Dominguez, who showed off her funny face as she had to put to use it to tear down a framed cling wrap.

Jhong Hilario was given an instant face lift as his co-host Ogie Alcasid put tapes onto it, which ensued to a wacky face. Teddy Corpuz had the same fate, but a pair of stockings was used to alter his face and make him look funny.

They may be besties in real life, but Lassy exerted so much gigil as he pressed the face of MC Muah onto a pillow with white powder on top of it. He then had a chance to exact revenge when it was Lassy’s turn to take the same punishment a few days later.

Ryan Bang was initially appalled upon finding out that he had to wear a white brief on his face. But as his nanay-nanayan Vice Ganda fixed it to make it look like he’s Spiderman, he jestingly told his co-hosts that he actually loved it. He once again received a funny yet sweet punishment a week later after he was told to do the “Chubby Bunny”, in which he had to insert marshmallow into his mouth and exclaim “Rampa!” A few days after, he was told to take a shot of the okra shake even though he was able to get the correct answer.

And lastly, Cianne amused us anew with her wacky face when she had to wear a mouth guard and utter the correct answer. The hosts made fun of her by challenging her to say the correct answer until she’s able to deliver it clearly.

Which of these RamPanalo punishments made you laugh the most, Kapamilya?

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