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Vice Gulat Moments on It’s Showtime

We really love it every time Vice Ganda banters with her co-hosts, the madlang people, the contestants, the “Isip Bata” kiddie advisors, the Tawag ng Tanghalan hurados, or their celebrity guests. The good vibes and laughter that she brings whenever she’s present on It’s Showtime is truly unfailing.

However, aside from her foolproof jokes and onscreen shenanigans, another way that she makes us laugh is when she gets pranked by her It’s Showtime fam, particularly by her fellow mainstays Vhong Navarro and Jhong Hilario, which they sometimes do by shocking her.

And in this Kapamilya Update feature, let’s look back on some of her funny “gulat” moments that arguably made us all laugh out loud.

Let’s start off with that instance when one of the staff hurled a fake snake at her while bantering with Vhong and Ogie Alcasid. She jestingly got mad at that staff and asked him, “Magkabiruan tayo?

It seems that being magugulatin is her nature as she got shookt when a small piece of confetti flew at him while she was speaking to a TNT contender. 

The entire studio also poked fun at her hilarious reaction when one of the props used in the “Kapare-Who” quickly collapsed after she pushed Vhong onto it. The same happened when she got totally disconcerted after Vhong hit the gong while she was doing a comedic stunt with Teddy Corpuz in an episode of TNT. 

She also couldn’t help but get gigil over Jhong when his dumbfounding introduction during an episode of “Miss Q & A Kween of the Multibeks” ala-fictional superhero Incredible Hulk really startled.

However, there was one instance when it was not only Vice who got flabbergasted, but her TNT co-hosts and contestants as well. They were talking about Jona’s powerful rendition of the OPM classic love song “Ngayon At Kailanman” when the DJs played its striking chorus that amusingly made them jolt, especially her.

And just recently, Vhong struck once again as he was able to successfully startle the Unkabogable Star while she was busy talking to Jhong and “Isip Bata” kiddie advisor Jaze. But thankfully, she wasn’t able to hit him on the face nor utter an expletive, which she revealed almost happened.

Did these funny “gulat” moments of Vice Ganda made you droll, Kapamilya?

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