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Vice with viral kid Lian & Batang CutePos

With the prevalence of social media, it has been easy for news, information, and interesting and inspiring stories to be shared and spread. And one of the most recent heartwarming stories that we’ve seen is that video of a young boy who innocently asked a face painter during a children’s birthday party that he attended if the service was for free.

A lot of netizens were certainly touched by it, including It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda, who sought the help of the madlang netizens and his team in order to find the charming kid, who was revealed to be Lian Charles Bartolay and came all the way from Mexico, Pampanga. And just recently, the Unkabogable Star finally met Lian and his mom, Joy, and grandmother as he treated him to a fun and unforgettable day at a popular indoor amusement park in Cubao, Quezon City. But they were not the only ones who enjoyed that trip as they were joined by the adorable and energetic Batang Cute-pos, namely Kulot, Argus, Jaze, Imogen, and Kelsey.

Their Fiesta Carnival experience commenced with Lian having half of his painted with the mask of his favorite superhero, Spiderman. He was visibly dumbfounded upon seeing Vice standing behind him and greeting him with his glowing and sweet smile. They introduced the Batang Cute-pos to Lian and bought hotdog-on-sticks for each one of them before trying out some of the attractions.

They initially hopped on the dinosaur rides and then enjoyed the carousel where Unkabogable Star and the cheerful kids sang the trending song “Five Little Monkeys Humpty Dumpty.” With how scorching the heat has been these days, playing at the “Snow Play” was definitely a perfect idea as they played with and hurled shaved ice to one another.

The group then enjoyed the bump cars along with the moms of the Batang Cute-pos, then headed to the mini obstacle course and the trampolines where the kids showed vigor, flexibility, agility, and enthusiasm. Their indoor amusement park experience capped off with the kiddos enjoying their ice cream-on-sticks.

Vice then brought the kids and their mommies to a restaurant to have a sumptuous and filling dinner, as well as talk about everything that they did that afternoon and get to know Lian and his Mommy Joy Villanoza more.

According to Mommy Joy, she was actually unaware that that particular video of Lian captured and posted by the face painter named Angelica had already gone viral on social media until it was forwarded to her by her mother. As the Unkabogable Star asked Lian to recall what was happening in that video, the latter recounted that they actually didn’t have money at that time, so he asked the face painter if that was for free since he really wanted to experience it. Thus, his face instantly lit up when he found out that he didn’t have to pay for it.

When asked what he wants to become in the future, Lian imparted that he dreams of becoming an artista, which Vice promised to fulfill by bringing him to It’s Showtime for him to experience it at least for one day. Lian went on to share that they actually don’t have television as well, so he only got to see him and watch the noontime program via the small screen of his Mama’s phone.

Aside from TV, Vice also promised to grant his wish for a new bicycle after Lian told him that the previous one he had was already broken. While he’s glad about it, the innocent kid couldn’t help but be worried that Vice would run out of money, to which Meme Vice appeased him that he didn’t have to mind it anymore. Vice was further touched when the young boy imparted that he shares his baon with his classmates who have none, so he encouraged those who are

Just when Lian and his Mommy Joy thought that Vice’s surprise and gifts for them were already over, they were stoked to see all Lian’s wishes immediately came true as Vice’s unkabogable team presented to them the bike, television, groceries, and school supplies that the award-winning TV and movie personality promised to them.