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Vice Ganda and Lassy Guess My Age

We have probably missed seeing Vice Ganda on It’s Showtime in the previous days. But those who have been watching the noontime program and/or following her on social media would know that she was on concert tour Canada and United States. And in between her shows, she shared some of her shenanigans with her friends and other companions on her Instagram stories and Twitter, as well as in her vlogs.

And in the latest vlog uploaded on her YouTube channel, she tagged along one of her besties and It’s Showtime co-hosts Lassy Marquez as they roamed around Union Square at San Francisco, California to ask random strangers to take on the fun “Guess Our Age Challenge.” Players had to guess both of their ages and whoever got those right would be given US$10 or (or roughly 550 pesos). For the record, Lassy, who’s born on October 31, 1976, is now 46, while the Unkabogable Star just celebrated her 47th birthday last March 31.

The first one to take on the unique dare was Andrew, who assumed that Lassy is 43, while Vice is 34. Second was Danielle, who was sitting with her friends at a park bench when approached by the two. Thinking that Lassy is already 58, while Vice is 35, she and her friends were so ‘shookt’ upon discovering that both of them are actually in their 40s, with Vice being actually older than Lassy by one year.

Next was Ellory, who they bumped into while walking along the street with her friend Hailey. She thought that Lassy is 43 and Vice is 36, so they were surprised that they’re actually older than what they seem to be.

They then met a Vietnamese woman named Wendy, who said that Lassy looks like 55 while Vice is 44. She eventually returned the challenge to them by having them guess her age, with both of them thinking that she’s in her late 20s. The besties also got it wrong as she revealed that she’s already 36 years old.

And lastly, a couple named Julia and Chris who came all the way from Utah. Julia thought that Vice is 32 and Lassy is 37, while Chris assumed that Lassy is 36 and Vice is 31. As Julia conveyed that Lassy doesn’t look like his already 46, Vice quipped that he actually used to be a cat in his past life (and now a dog!) and had gone to a series of reincarnations already.

Even though none of the strangers they talked got the correct answers, the Unkabogable Star still felt glad because aside from being able to save her dimes glad, she also found out that she appears younger than her actual age to other people. She also teased Lassy once again about the “58” remark he got.

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