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Top 8 most viewed It’s Showtime videos that brought us good vibes in 2020

There may have been a time when our beloved It’s Showtime family weren’t able to join us on our sumptuous lunches because of the circumstances ABS-CBN had to face in 2020, but the unwavering love and support of the madlang people have continued to pour in.

Aside from the heartfelt messages on social media, those also reflected on the whopping views some of episode highlights uploaded on the official YouTube channel of ABS-CBN Entertainment were able to accumulate throughout the previous year. Find out what clips made it to the Top 10 via this feature!

Yorme and Catriona dance to ‘Tala’ | It’s Showtime Mini Miss U
Number of views: 7,594,554 as of this writing

As the “Tala” dance craze went on to conquer us last year, Vice Ganda made sure to have “Mini Miss U” segment escorts Aaron “Yorme” Sunga and Enzo Pelojero, as well as his co-host Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, jump into it. Led by the “Mini Miss U” contestants that day, they all enthusiastically took on the challenge much to our delight.

Yorme hides Arci's high heels | Tawag ng Tanghalan
Number of views: 4,812,310 as of this writing

Their banters in Tawag ng Tanghalan may have not started yet, but everyone wasn’t able to hold their laughter as guest host went up the stage wearing slippers after Yorme sneakily hid her only pair of heels that day. She sought the help of her co-hosts, but both Vhong Navarro and Vice jestingly declined and told her that they had nothing to do with it. In the end, Yorme indirectly gave it back to her, with her two co-hosts allegedly noticing toe-shaped dirt on it.

Vice wants Catriona to get out of the studio | Tawag ng Tanghalan
Number of views: 4,286,498 as of this writing

It seems that many of us were truly amused by Catriona’s presence on the show as this clip already garnered more that four million views as well. Here, Vice is seen jestingly shooing her away the studio as he saw her as a stiff competition for the attention and admiration of the Tawag ng Tanghalan contender they were interviewing that time.

Yorme whispers to Vice his secret for Catriona | Mini Miss U
Number of views: 3,935,492 as of this writing

As Yorme whispered something to Catriona, the Unkabogable Star couldn’t help but be curious. However, he only found himself get ridiculed when Yorme told him what he and his Ate Cat were talking about. Reminding them that they’re best friends, Vice persuaded Yorme to tell him what his secret was, to which the adorable kid shyly obliged.

Just when Yorme thought that it was only them who knew about it his secret, he didn’t realize that his Meme Vice actually put his microphone between them and everyone was able to find out that he had a crush on Catriona.

Vice and Jhong laugh their hearts out because of Yorme's answer | Mini Miss U
Number of views: 3,931,083 as of this writing

After discussing with a Mini Miss U contestant her impressive response on the question regarding eating a piece of food that has already fallen on the ground, Vice and Jhong Hilario went on to ask the same question to escorts Uno Bibo and Yorme.

Just when they assumed that it was going to be a simple and fun exchange, the two hosts were appalled when Yorme uttered a truly awkward yet practical answer that wasn’t suitable for noontime TV.

Yorme slips after trying to get his shoe | Tawag ng Tanghalan
Number of views: 3,431,988 as of this writing

While he was trying to take his shoe back from Jhong and Vhong, Yorme slipped. But their kulitan moment didn’t simply end there as Yorme relayed their town mayor’s invitation for them to visit his hometown Bagac, Bataan. He went on to persuade them by telling them that he would treat them to a sumptuous feast once they agreed to have a vacation there.

Yorme gets caught while peeing in the ABS-CBN garden | Tawag ng Tanghalan
Number of views: 3,191,736 as of this writing

As his loud chatter with Tyang Amy Perez backstage distracted him and Vhong while they were talking to a Tawag ng Tanghalan contestant, Vice jestingly confronted him. They also interrogated him about the funny incident he got involved in, after someone caught him in the act of peeing in the ABS-CBN garden the day before. He didn’t deny that he was indeed the one who’s in the picture and explained why he did that.

Yorme asks help from Mayor | Mini Miss U
Number of views: 3,160,669 as of this writing

Conversing with a Filipina-Mexican Mini Miss U was bit of a ‘headache’ for hosts Vice and Jhong as Rhemaya only spoke and understood English. They also saw this as a way of making fun of Yorme, who was then remained mum throughout the question and answer portion. Vice urged him to call an emergency and ask for the assistance of their town mayor. At the same time, the Unkabogable Star didn’t fail to make us laugh with his hilarious remarks and banters with the young contender and her family.

So, which among the innumerable It’s Showtime moments last 2020 is/are the most unforgettable for you, Kapamilya?