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Team Jhong Ryan Magpasikat 2022 champion

“Akalain n’yo, champion ako?!”

This was what Ryan Bang exclaimed after finally clinching the Magpasikat 2022 grand champion title that had been elusive for him in the past 13 years, during the culmination of “TRESElebrate” anniversary celebration of It’s Showtime on Saturday, November 19.

Apparently, their amusing and stellar cultural presentation, which showcased the beauty and rich culture of Philippines and South Korea, as well as the unbreakable connection between its people that emanated in the Korean War many decades ago, impressed hurados John Arcilla, Baron Geisler, Pia Magalona, Janice de Belen, Darren Espanto, and ABS-CBN executive and “G Diaries” host Ernie Lopez the most.

Team Jhong-Ryan’s Magpasikat 2022 performance garnered the highest score of 9.35% from the judges, and were succeeded by runners-up Team Vice-Amy, with 9.23%, and Team Karylle-Ogie, with 9.18%. Landing on the 4th place was Team Anne-Jackie-Ion with 8.65%, while Team Jugs-Teddy-Kim was 5th place with 8.63%.

Those who have been watching the noontime program would know that among the hosts, it’s only Ryan who hadn’t took home a grand champion trophy ever since the Magpasikat tradition began, which made the It’s Showtime family – including him – repeatedly joke that he could be malas or have no luck. Thus, they also rejoiced and cheered when it was announced that it’s their team that won.

Ryan couldn’t stop crying, with Vice Ganda and Ogie Alcasid consoling him. He exclaimed, “Thank you, Lord! Sa wakas! Akala ko hindi ko mae-experience ‘to, Lord,” and expressed how much he loves his Kuya Jhong, who was absent because of being sick. Still in disbelief, he iterated how his losing streak in the past 13 years made him think that he’s malas, until his win in this year’s Magpasikat.

Ryan Bang

He added, “Grabe, ang sarap po sa pakiramdam kasi gustong-gustong-gusto ko po. Nahihiya po ako sa inyo, madlang people. Labing-tatlong taon akong sumali, I did my best. Pero siyempre, hindi po ako nag-champion, kaya thank you so much, madlang people. I love you so much.” 

The 31-year-old South Korean also took it as opportunity to once again thank the Filipino Korean war veterans, who helped the South Koreans achieve the liberty that they, and even the whole world, are enjoying at present. Thus, aside from simply dedicating their winning performance, their team will also give the whole Php500,000 cash prize to them. 

Ryan Bang

Each of the hosts had the chance to deliver their gratitude to the madlang people, who have been there for them throughout the past decade, as well as to their co-hosts and the whole staff and crew – both former and present – who did valuable contributions to the show and brought it to where it is as present. They concluded the “TRESElebration” with a huge and tight group hug, which they’ve been doing in the past 13 years.