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Showtime Magpasikat 2022 Jugs-Teddy-Kim

In the past 13 years, the awesome tandem of Jugs Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz has never failed to astonish us with their Magpasikat entries that were refreshing, unique, entertaining, and exhilarating. And their performance for the “TRESElebrate” anniversary fete of It’s Showtime is indeed not an exception as they wowed us anew in their rock concert-themed production, alongside their teammate Kim Chiu and their celebrity guests, on Wednesday, November 16.

Just before they began, we already got a hint that we’re in for a treat that is related to concert and rock as we saw the hosts and madlang people brandishing green light sticks, while the hurados unleashed the rockers in them through their black leather jackets, makeups, and hairdos.

They started off by showing their VTR shot at the rooftop of ABS-CBN, wherein the three tried to tickle us with their witty words of wisdom and reminded us how music keeps us company in everything that we go through in life.

Aptly called “RockPasikat,” the live production number commenced with Kim and a group of dancers hauntingly dancing to Elaine Duran’s classic vocals. She then let herself be pulled out from the enormous skirt she shared with the ensemble by gripping onto a harness and went on to wow us with her buwis-buhay aerial dance routines.

It's Showtime

Once the first set was done, singer Janine Teñoso emerged onstage, belting out Sampaguita’s “Nosi Balasi.” She was joined afterwards by Jugs, who showed us that he could still sing even while jumping on a trampoline. While we all know him as a rakista, Teddy surely astounded many when he took on the rap part of “Moon,” alongside hitmaker Nik Makino. And they did it while the dancers were all doing mind-blowing stunts around them.

Those who were completely reveling on OPM in the 90s up to early 2000s were certainly enthralled upon seeing the reigning queens of Pinoy rock Lougee Basabas (Mojofly), Hannah Romawac (Session Road), Acel Bisa (Moonstar88), and Aia De Leon (Imago) went out of the backstage one-by-one and rock out to their fellow queen Kitchie Nadal’s “Bulong”, alongside Six-Part Invention and the madlang people. It was succeeded by the Argee Guerrero of I Belong To The Zoo and Jai Singson of Agsunta’s duet of “Puso” by Spongecola.

The terrific trio then went on to synchronically show off their amazing drumming skills while getting soak in water dripping from the ceiling. Despite getting drenched, Jugs, Teddy, and Kim proceeded on singing a song, which was later on revealed was composed by Teddy, as they returned inside the studio.

It's Showtime

Francis Reyes of The Dawn provided the astig guitar solo, followed by Ian Tayao of WilaBaliW and Queso who gave the song a touch of metal rock with his growl. Young bloods Adie and Kritiko sang the succeeding lines, with Lougee, Hannah, Acel, and Aia as the next ones in line. Ex-Kulay member Radha Cuadrado and Color It Red vocalist Cooky Chua also joined the mini concert, with The Voice Philippines Season 2 grand winner Jason Dy as the last guest artist to appear.

Kim, Jugs, and Teddy once again took on the makeshift revolving stage, which the dancers turned for the three to execute their backward stage dive and to include the madlang people in the frame.

Magpasikat 2022 Team Jugs Teddy Kim

During the interview portion, the Wednesday team related that they dedicate their performance to everyone who are going through challenging times at present, especially to that one person they all terribly miss and hold dear to their hearts. They also want to remind everyone that we are not alone in facing our battles because we have people in our lives who are genuinely there for us no matter what through their original song “Laban.”

It's Showtime

Aside from giving us a free mini OPM rock concert, the trio also wants everyone to keep a piece of their Magpasikat performance this year by giving the hurados a USB album card containing their song, as well as sending a copy of it to the madlang people through wireless connection.

“TRESElebrate” marks the return of the traditional week-long It’s Showtime celebration, two years after it was only held for a day due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The hurados for Magpasikat 2022 are John Arcilla, Baron Geisler, Pia Magalona, Janice de Belen, and Darren Espanto, with ABS-CBN Foundation Head and Executive Director for Advocacy, Creative Programs Inc. President, and G Diaries host Ernie Lopez as the punong hurado.

The remaining groups to present are Team Vice-Amy for Thursday and Team Karylle-Ogie for Friday. Team Anne-Jackie-Ion already performed last Monday, while Team Jhong-Ryan last Tuesday. Whichever team wins this year’s competition will have a chance to donate Php 500,000 to their chosen charity.