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Funny Madlang Isip Bata It’s Showtime

The adult contestants are as quirky as the kiddie panel and hosts! 

It’s Showtime's “Isip Bata” has been a favorite segment since its premiere last February. Like a comfort food at noon, madlang people can’t get enough of the good vibes and hilarity served by the hosts and kiddie panel a.k.a. “Batang Cute-po” comprised of Argus Aspiras, Princess Kathryn "Kulot" Caponpon, Lucas Landicho, and Imogen Cantong.

Adding to the tons of fun are the 20 “Madlang Isip Bata” or adult contestants who will guess the recorded answers of 50 “Madlang Kids” to the same questions, to which the “Batang Cute-po” gives their opinion. The “Madlang Isip Bata” usually comes from the same community or line of job, for instance, madlang labandera, madlang manghuhula, and madlang seaman. 

Before the game, the hosts get to interact with the adult contestants to learn more about their lives and jobs – and banter like crazy with them. Check out the most hilarious “Madlang Isip Bata” moments via this video from Kapamilya Update. 

There was one contestant named Amy, who spilled a juicy anecdote that made Ogie Alcasid blush and feel nervous. While being interviewed about her work in an airline company, Amy casually shared that she saw Ogie at the airport abroad kissing a woman. Confused and pressured, she slipped the name of Ogie’s ex-wife, Michelle Van Eimeren, giving Vice Ganda, Vhong Navarro, and Jhong Hilario enough time for their punchlines. In the end, Amy revealed that the girl was none other than Ogie’s wife, Regine Velasquez.  

A gay contestant named Marjorie got excited when asked if he has a boyfriend and then hugged Vice in a ‘harot’ manner. The Unkabogable Star acted like he was ‘hurt’ due to Marjorie’s ‘tulisan’ face. 

The next featured guest is named Joey, who was too shy to face the camera and greet the madlang people. What Vhong, Jhong, and Ogie did was put him inside a huge box, hoping to calm his nerves and make him feel like no one is watching. 

When Vice met a contestant named John Lloyd, or ‘JL’ on his name tag, she challenged him to an acting skit. However, he only got John Lloyd Cruz’s first name, and not his acting skills. Naturally, Vice reacted with a LOL-inducing joke. 

Also in this video are Sherwin, who tickled the hosts and madlang people with his answer about which part of chicken is the best-seller. Meanwhile, Josephine talked a lot and made Vice ‘gigil.’ 

Age is a common quip among the It’s Showtime hosts and oftentimes they tend to fake the numbers. In one episode, Vhong, Jhong, and Ogie couldn’t contain their laughter when a gym instructor named Teddy, who happens to be Vice’s classmate in college, revealed that he’s already 55 years old. And if he and Vice are batchmates, it means the Unkabogable Star is possibly as old as Teddy. Where’s the punchline? Jhong said to the camera, “Vice, five years na lang senior ka na!”

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