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Madlang Primetime on Isip Bata

The stars and production team of Kapamilya primetime teleseryes FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, The Iron Heart, and Dirty Linen surprised madlang people, yesterday, April 16, with their appearance on It’s Showtime’s “Isip Bata” segment as the 20 players who would try to match the answers of madlang kids and kiddie panel composed of Argus, Jaze, and Kulot. 

Seth Fedelin led the Dirty Linen family and even tried to showcase his magic skills to the kids, as Kulot mentioned that she was able to watch Seth’s magic tricks on social media and thought it wasn’t real. Meanwhile, Jaze entertained everyone with his dance moves, which he said is inspired by his idol River Joseph, who recently appeared in The Iron Heart

Madlang Primetime on Isip BataPhoto credit to dreamscapeph IG

Khimo Gumatay and Kice, the voices behind the theme songs of The Iron Heart and Dirty Linen, respectively, granted Vice Ganda’s request for a sample performance. Keeping up with the concert mood, Jhong Hilario pushed his Your Face Sounds Familiar batchmate CJ Navato to sing as well. 
Of course, Anne Curtis was super game to serenade the viewers when prompted by Vice to recall the teleserye and ABS-CBN Station ID theme songs she recorded. 

FPJ’s Batang Quiapo had their lone representative in Marlo Mortel. Other stars present were Christian Bables and Sean Tristan from Dirty Linen, plus Andi Abaya, DJ Jhai Ho, and Christine Samson a.k.a. It’s Showtime’s Genie Nga as part of The Iron Heart team. 

Madlang Primetime on Isip BataPhoto credit to starcreatives IG

It only took three questions to finish the game, as many were eliminated in the first round, in which the question was about kids’ preferred birthday costumes. Funny things happened when the hosts played with the dinosaur headgear Jackie Gonzaga wore as choice B. “Buti na lang favorite ni Dahlia ang dinosaurs,” Anne smiled when prompted to exhibit her dinosaur acting. 

Vhong Navarro and Jhong Hilario requested Vice to reveal his version as well. 

In the second round, the kids were asked which item they first get in the grocery. The choices were chips, candy, milk, and chocolate. Only CJ and Syd, both from Dirty Linen, got the answer, candy, picked by 84% of the madlang kids. 

In the final round where the kids were asked which animal they’d like to get as a pet, CJ went for elephant while Syd chose lion over the other options crocodile and gorilla. Syd matched the madlang kids’ answer, giving him 10, 000 pesos. He advanced to the jackpot round where he got one matching answer with Jaze, earning him an additional cash prize of 10, 000 pesos.  

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