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Kapamilya Update: Ogie and Regine’s funniest ‘awkward’ moments on It’s Showtime

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid’s surprise appearances on It’s Showtime “catching” husband Ogie Alcasid red-handed with his onstage “naughtiness” are definitely fun to watch.

In this episode of Kapamilya Update, we look back at the funniest moments of Ogie and Regine as they face those hilarious, “awkward” onscreen situations. These include Regine stumbling upon Ogie’s alleged “womanizing” during the show, especially spends “enjoyable” time with Sexy Babe contestants

In the first clip, Ogie was “caught” by Regine talking about his ex-girlfriends on-air. Asked by Vhong Navarro if Regine was watching, Ogie said it was “good” that Regine is not watching because he knows she is asleep. But Ogie and Vhong suddenly heard a familiar voice, saying “Ah, hindi ba nanonood?” and Regine appears to her husband’s surprise. She says, “Sino ang mga karelasyon na ‘yan, kilala ko silang lahat.” “Umayos ka,” Regine further warned Ogie, who was really at a loss as to how Regine could have suddenly entered the studios. “Nagpa-swab ka ba?,” Ogie asked Regine if she underwent the required test before she appeared on cam. Regine said yes, and that the results showed she was negative for COVID 19.

Then in a video that garnered over a million views on YouTube, Regine actually caught Ogie talking to a Sexy Babe contestant alone, asking her allegedly to have a “fun” time over beers. But when Vice Ganda said the person who was bringing the beer has arrived, the person turned out to be Regine—and Ogie was left “shocked.” “Lagot ka!,” Ogie’s co-hosts told him. Vice then claimed to Regine that Ogie really wanted to speak to the contestant alone and would want to drink beer with her—a fact that Ogie humorously “denied.” Regine then laughingly “interrogated” Ogie on how he called the contestant, to which he answered “anak,” adding that he always sang Freddie Aguilar’s song during that time. But later, he admitted calling the contestant “darling” and asked if she had peanuts, which he said was his favorite, which made Regine “castigate” him further.

Then as a hurado on Tawag Ng Tanghalan, Ogie was informed by Vhong that someone who has a “crush” on him is in the studio. His “admirer” was actually Regine, who was humorously asked if she would “attack” someone again on the show, referring to the previous times she caught Ogie red-handed with his “moves” towards Sexy Babe contestants. Vice told Regine he has already “behaved” since then because her “scratches” on his back has not yet been healed.

Then on the final clip, Vhong told Regine that Ogie had allegedly “embraced” another Sexy Babe contestant, describing the encounter similar to a “wrestling” match, while Tyang Amy Perez “complained” to her “mareng” Regine that Ogie called her a ‘shih tzu’—facts that once more “angered” Regine. She was so “angry” that she forced Ogie off stage, off the studio and onto a waiting package cart to take him home so that he could not do those “nasty” things again.

Catch more of these funniest moments of OgRe (Ogie and Regine) on It’s Showtime in this edition of Kapamilya Update.

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