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Showtime back to back win vs Star Magic

The Star Magic All-Star Games 2023 Basketball Main event was a competitive affair, as reigning champion Team It's Showtime worked hard to secure their title against Star Magic Dream Team. And they did – in a true sweat-blood-tears hardcourt rematch!

Just a quick recap, the All-Star Games 2022 witnessed Team It’s Showtime’s amusing victory, as they kept the game just fun on the first seconds. Vhong Navarro and Ogie Alcasid stole the show with their hilarious on-court antics. Johannes Rissler was the top scorer and hailed as Most Valuable Player, backed up by Ion Perez. The team had strong momentum against their opponent and kept a wide lead throughout the game. Victory loomed just around the corner.

Star Magic All-Star Games Showtime Team 2022

But that wasn’t the case last Sunday, May 21, at the Mall of Asia Arena. Not even the team’s mighty main guys Ion and Johannes (who suffered a minor foot injury) were left unscathed by the game’s unpredictability and the opponent’s competitive attitude. Team It’s Showtime treaded a rocky yet exciting path as the rival group came prepared, stronger than ever, reinforced by the likes of Daniel Padilla and Zanjoe Marudo. Team It’s Showtime was even behind during the first and second quarters.



However, they lived to see another shot of hope as they managed to revise their game plan and turn the tables at the beginning of the third quarter, despite Dream Team’s Daniel raining three-pointer shots. It’s Showtime’s Ion, who was later on awarded as MVP, was on a scoring streak but overall credit goes to his team’s impressive defense and camaraderie under the supervision of coach Beaujing Acot and assistant coach Arwind Santos.



Until the last second, both teams tried their best to steal, defend, and shoot, keeping the cheering crowd on the edge of their seats. After four quarters, the It’s Showtime family clinched a slim, come-from-behind victory, automatically wiping out Star Magic Dream Team to a runner-up finish.

Joining Ion in the Mythical 5 selection were Daniel, Gerald Anderson, and Lance Carr from Star Magic Dream Team and Johannes from It’s Showtime Team.



Completing Team It’s Showtime were Vhong Navarro, Jhong Hilario, Teddy Corpuz, Ryan Bang, Nyoy Volante, JC De Vera, Eric Tai, Zeus Collins, Kid Yambao, Vitto Marquez, Jin Macapagal, and Polo Laure.

Star Magic All-Star Games Showtime Team 2023

Meanwhile, the crowd favorite Star Magic Dream Team was headlined by Daniel, Gerald, Donny Pangilinan, Ronnie Alonte, and Zanjoe Marudo. Joining them were Jeremiah Lisbo, Miko Raval, Joseph Marco, Paolo Gumabao, Argel Saycon, JV Kapunan, and Gerard Acao under the supervision of coach LA Tenorio, with Gerald acting as an assistant coach.