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Expecially For You on It’s Showtime

“It’s Showtime” introduced a new segment, “Expecially For You,” on December 4, in where a guest player/searchee tries their luck in finding new love. But here’s the exciting twist – the player’s ex also makes an appearance to help their former flame choose a potential love interest among the searchees.

Since topics about exes spark relatable emotions, the new dating game has become an instant favorite among madlang people. Kapamilya Update prepared a recap of the most trending moments from the hit segment.

Hearts fluttered when exes CJ and Ecca graced the program, as their reunion story sounded like a surprise made in heaven. It was mentioned that the ex-lovers met again after three years when Ecca didn’t notice that he booked CJ on a motorcycle taxi riding app. He, on the other hand, had hunches when he saw the customer’s username, Ecca, although he knows that she rarely uses that nickname.

Netizens couldn’t help but root for CJ and Ecca’s comeback, especially after the former’s sweet confessions on national TV. “Salamat kasi dumating ka sa buhay ko at nakilala ko ‘yung ikaw. Salamat sa paggabay mo sa akin noon, pag-alalay sa mga problema, sa pagtitiis mo sa ugali ko,” he said as he faced his ex-girlfriend.

“Sorry kasi hindi ako naging better person para sa’yo and sorry sa mga mali kong nagawa. Lagi mong tatandaan na nakasuporta ako lagi para sa’yo. Nandito lang ako sa tabi mo,” he continued. “Sana dumating ‘yung araw na maging tayo ulit.”

CJ took a pause before punctuating his confession with, “Mahal pa rin kita.”

In the realm of breakup tales, exes Kirsten and Gjann closed their relationship with respect and acceptance, enough to capture the hearts of madlang people. Gjann was noticeably moved when Kirsten imparted her farewell message to him, full of inspiring maturity and a promise of genuine friendship, “Gusto ko lang naman ‘yung best para sa’yo. I will always have a spot for you as a friend. Kasi, you know, first love, puppy love, and everything. You made an impact in my life.”

And though they didn’t find their way back to each other’s arms, Kirsten is sure that any woman her ex chooses to love would be lucky to have him. She even told the searchee whom Gjann picked, “Sa pinili mo, I can confidently say you’re in good hands.”

Not only the exes’ chemistry and heartfelt moments tickle madlang people, but also the humor of the searchees in the game. The searchee named Single amused the audience and the hosts with her pick-up lines, while JV showed her bubbly personality through her knock-knock jokes.

Among the male searchees, so far, Johnny and Charles made an impact and even caught Vice Ganda’s attention with their hilarious singing.

Exes stories, whether it leads to rekindled romance or a renewed friendship, leave everyone in the room feeling a rollercoaster of emotions. Catch all the feels in “Expecially For You” in “It’s Showtime,” airing Mondays to Saturdays, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, GTV and A2Z.