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vice ganda yormeme its showtime

In the past 14 years, Vice Ganda has indeed never failed to spread good vibes and laughter to the madlang people through her hilarious witticisms and natural comedic flair on It’s Showtime. But as time goes by, she has learned various ways to creatively accomplish that mission by taking on various roles and coming up with amusing skits, from Lee Min Horse and Madam Birtud to YorMeme at present.

Recently, we find ourselves entertained by her “YorMeme” moments, as she proclaims her bizarre proposed bills if ever she will become a mayor. “YorMeme” is a combination of “Yorme,” which is the Pinoy colloquial term for mayor, and “Meme,” which is how people close to her fondly calls her. Let’s look back on those funny moments in this Kapamilya Update feature!

First off is her suggestion on the problem with regards to men urinating anywhere. Since we, Filipinos, tend to do things that are prohibited or “bawal,” she would allow peeing on pavements but in one condition: men should face the road when doing it. She would also forbid grilling outside the house, especially when your neighbors have their underwear hanging outside, as well as doing the “mo” when playing tongits and pusoy, which are the common causes of altercations among neighbors.

Of course, she would never forget the LGBTQ community in the laws that she’s going to enforce. One of those is that only the lesbians can purchase a certain model of a motorcycle brand. She will also make sure to give more benefits to people with cowlicks (or puyo) and high hairlines like her, which include free wigs and bangs, while free conditioner for bald people in order for them to regain their self-confidence. 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day celebration, Vice wanted everyone to be happy and not just those who are currently in a relationship. Thus, she’s going to push a bill granting “double pay” to singles who would work on Valentine’s Day, which is her way of showing appreciation to them for still working despite of how challenging it could be to do your tasks while getting envious with your colleagues who have dates or gifts that day.

The Unkabogable Star would pass an ordinance about the proper way of coughing in public places, too, which could also protect other people.

With regards to her beloved “tambays,” she wishes to give them free vitamins in order to protect their health and extra benefits for those who are going to “work” graveyard since they have to drink liquor.

She would forbid students who are able to review from taking the exams since not everyone has the opportunity to do it due to various circumstances. She seriously remarked, “Hindi lahat ng estudyante nakakapag-review. May mga mag-aaral na gustuhin man nilang mag-aral nang maayos ngunit hindi maayos ang kanilang pamumuhay. Wala silang kuryente sa bahay, wala silang Wi-Fi, walang pambili ng libro.Then she added, “Hindi nila kasalanan dahil sila ay biktima. Kung isasabak mo sila sa eksaminasyon, ang mga mag-aaral na hindi nakapag-review kasabay ng mga nakapag-review, dehadong-dehado naman sila.

That’s why, she came up with the idea of segregating those who are able to review from those who aren’t to have equal footing and avoid discrimination.

Kapamilya, does Vice Ganda’s YorMeme moments also bring you good vibes? Which among her ordinances created a mark on you the most?