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Funny kulitan moments of Vice and Janice on It’s Showtime that brought good vibes to madlang people

Just when we thought that it all started with pork chicharon, Vice Ganda and Janice de Belen have actually shared a number of amusing moments on It’s Showtime in the recent years. Let’s look back on some of them in this edition of Kapamilya Update!

Janice may be an award-winning veteran actress, while Vice Ganda a multi-decorated TV host and comedian, but universe has its wonderful way of joining them through the well-loved noontime program through which the former is able to show off her innate kulit.

It was via her stint as one of the judges of the “ReIna ng Tahanan” segment when Janice began to become a permanent figure in the show. She may tend to be usually serious in conveying her comments and pieces of advice to the contestants, but she still lets herself loose and display her blithe facet that we don’t usually see in her teleserye portrayals.

Since it’s lunchtime, there’s was one instance when Vice caught Janice munching on something while they were already on-air. The former then poked fun at the latter’s orange-tinted shades that resembled the signature look of former politician and businessman Chavit Singson. Janice revealed that she wasn’t able to have her makeup done that day (except her eyebrows!), so she had to conceal her bare face with aviators. Vice defended Janice by saying that celebrities like them usually do it whenever their faces are not camera-ready.

The Unkabogable Star then had a funny hirit on the veteran actress’ age by jesting that Janice even made it to the entertainment page of the Spanish colonial newspaper La Solidaridad. And in another episode, Vice was able to prank Janice by telling her that she’s on mute during her live feed when she had to join virtually straight from her home. The hosts pretended that they couldn’t hear nor see her, and even told her to move. While she knew that there wasn’t any problem on her part, she still obliged when Vice requested her to move – much to the delight of the hosts and madlang people.

Then the viral “chicharon situation” transpired, in which Janice apparently got “offended” or “upset” after Vice seemingly “ignored” her when she was about to get a piece from the bowl she was offering to everyone onstage during an episode of Mini Miss U.

The clip quickly spread like wildfire on social media, particularly on Twitter, a few minutes after it happened as amused netizens kept on sharing it as a meme. Vice expressed her apologies to her during the Tawag ng Tangalan episode that very same day.

As if that didn’t suffice, the Unkabogable Star made sure to make it up to her by heaping praises at Janice as she introduced her. She even requested the live studio audiences to give her a standing ovation and a resounding round of applause, but that seemed to be not enough to please her.

And in last Friday’s (August 25) episode, they astounded us with their acting showdown as they pulled off a Dirty Linen-inspired skit because of chicharon. Janice truly astonished us when she appeared onstage and unleashed the Leona in her during her heated confrontation scene with Vice over what happened between them a couple of days ago.

Did these Vice and Janice core hilarious moments amused you as well, Kapamilya?

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