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7 times Argus captured our hearts with his cuteness, cleverness on It’s Showtime’s “Isip-Bata”

In the past 13 years, It’s Showtime has not only delivered laughter and good vibes to the madlang people, but has also introduced a number of once-ordinary persons who impressed us with their incredible talents and pleasing personalities.

And last February, we got meet child wonder Argus Aspiras, who, from being that adorable young boy, who amused us in his viral video wherein he’s seen explaining his own way of preparing bread, went on to become that kid who entertains us every afternoon with his palpable cuteness and amazing quick-wittedness as one of the “Batang Cute-po” or kiddie advisors of the “Isip-Bata” segment.

For sure, aside from the hosts, a lot of us couldn’t get enough of him, too. So, here’s the Kapamilya Update feature showing some of his cutest and most remarkable moments on the show.

Argus initially wowed us when he was able to name all the 17 presidents of the Philippines in the launching episode of the brand-new game last February 20. He then went on to charm us with his cuteness when asked by Unkabogable Host Vice Ganda to strike his most handsome pose on the camera and to try his chops as a commercial model by having to persuade the viewers to buy fish.

He also won our hearts when he demonstrated his way of massaging her mommy every time she experiences headaches, and then impressed us when he was able to name all the flags flashed by Vice to him in another episode.

Aside from his cuteness and cleverness, the four-year-old charmer also amuses us with his witty remarks, such as when he told the hosts that he doesn’t want to get his face dirty in fears of getting bald. And who didn’t get entertained when he attempted to speak Korean, yet ended up babbling?

Does our adorable and bright “Batang Cute-po” Argus captivated you, too? Catch him on It’s Showtime, Mondays to Saturdays, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z, and TV5.