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6 “Basag Trip” moments of Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda on It’s Showtime

In the past 13 years, It’s Showtime has indeed filled our noontime viewing with good vibes and laughter, mainly brought by the hilarious banters of its ever-gregarious family. As we all know, it’s usually Vice Ganda who spearheads the kulitan moments. However, there are instances when he is the one who’s on the receiving end of their jokes and droll remarks, especially by his beloved “sisterette” Anne Curtis.

And in this Kapamilya Update feature, let’s look back on some of their “Basag Trip” moments that absolutely made us laugh!

Let’s start off with an episode of Tawag Ng Tanghalan, wherein the one and only “Dyosa” of Philippine television seemingly doubted the beauty of the Unkabogable Star. It happened after the contestant they were interviewing told Vice how she got smitten by his splendor, to which he replied by saying that she is too, but not as beautiful as him. This made Anne exclaim “wow, ha?”, which ‘offended’ by Vice, so she argued that he just misheard her and that she actually agreed with what the contestant said.

Apart from simply bantering, this dynamic duo sometimes does role playing to further amuse the madlang people. In one of their skits, their acting apparently went a bit personal as she expressed how in favor she was for her and Vice to be twins. Anne uttered that it could never happen since she is a “dyosa,” while he is a “maligno”. Of course, the award-winning host got ‘hurt’ by it, so he didn’t let himself be ‘insulted’ more by bashing her, too.

As Vice and Vhong poked fun at Anne’s famously ‘wide mouth’ by comparing it to the open-mouthed gorilla printed on his sweater, she certainly didn’t let it just slide as she clapback by saying that it’s actually as huge as the pores on his face.

With how compelling her acting is, there were times when Vice thought that the lines she delivered in their “drama” were already true-to-life.

Thus, it’s inevitable that Vice would get piqued (though in jest) by some of Anne’s jokes, such as when she uttered that he had dark armpits. He also went speechless when she unintentionally mocked his nose in one of their skits by stating, “matangos na din naman ngayon ‘yong ilong mo”, which made everyone in the studio laugh.

And just recently, we were both as shocked and amused as Vice when Anne changed a word on the lines she was reading on teleprompter during the Miss Q & A segment, which once again got him ‘annoyed,’ of course. While we’re not sure if she did it on purpose, but what we’re certain is that it was totally “laugh trip”. Vice was indeed taken aback by it and wasn’t able to contain his gigil towards her.

But it wasn’t the only time that Vice gave Anne a dose of physical hosting as he playfully choked her when commented “everyday” while he was imparting how he tends to have full-on makeup on It’s Showtime. And Anne didn’t just stop there as she even added that he also wears it even at home.

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