Khimo Gumatay’s Idol Journey: Living up to a family legacy

Born to a clan of performers, Khimo Gumatay’s best preparation for Idol Philippines may have been his mini-musical collaborations with the family at home. His father was a member of the famous "The Singing Cooks and Waiters." Meanwhile, his sister also sings but opted to join the military.

This likely explains the quirky yet natural showmanship –groove, flirty facial expressions, and, yes, his trademark display of chest. But as he surfed through the competition, Khimo let go of the quaint gimmicks to deal more with his vocal genius. He seemed gentle in the beginning but powerful enough toward the finale.

Will he manage to bring home the Idol Philippines title on Sunday? As we look forward to his final performance, let us look back at his impressive journey in the competition.


When he first stepped into the studio, Khimo was oozing with charm and confidence, so much so the judges, specifically Chito Miranda, thought he’d be a pain than a pleasure to watch. But he proved them wrong just on his first performance of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely.” Regine Velasquez saw his level of expertise. She said the hopeful knows how to play his cards well, how to hit the high notes and charm his audience.  However, he was also told that charisma won’t work its magic in every performance.

Group Round

True enough, he had a hard time toning down his confidence during the middle round. He had to be reminded not to overpower his fellow hopefuls since it is a test of their ability to harmonize.  

Do or Die Round

Nevertheless, his confidence saved him from what could be an epic fail as he forgot the lyrics during the Do or Die Round. He was even lauded for being able to recover like a pro.

Solo Round  

Khimo’s prominent vocal qualities shined further in the Solo Round where he serenaded everyone with “Tala,” a good song choice according to Gary Valenciano. At this point in the competition, he has fully mastered how to control his voice and confidence. He didn’t ‘over sing,’ no unnecessary vocal gymnastics and gestures, either.

First Live Gala Night (Top 12)

A painful experience in the family inspired his ‘hugot’ in the first live show wherein he sang “One Last Cry.” The more you watch Khimo, the more you appreciate his artistry.

Second Live gala Night (Top 10)

We can only imagine the pressure Khimo felt performing “Kailangan Kita” in front of judges Regine and Gary, who both had their iconic takes on the song. Despite the jitters and complicated musical arrangement, he delivered with mastery, and authenticity. As judge Gary put it, “the spirit of competition has disappeared” which worked because the Khimo we heard during the second live show sounded more true to himself and his audience.

Third Live Gala Night (Top 8)

Then, he was unstoppable in an even more refreshing version of Mr. Pure Energy’s classic hit “Hataw Na.” Regine commends his versatility, the way he owned the song. For Moira, Khimo’s world-class talent deserves to be showcased on an even bigger stage.  However, he’d find himself always on the danger zone.

Fourth Live Gala Night (Top 6)

The judges therefore had to make a stand. In the recent live gala, Moira low-key campaigned for Khimo, telling the public that he deserves their vote. He was also the first hopeful to get a standing ovation from all four judges. And if all these carry weight, it could only mean he’s worthy to be hailed as the next Idol Philippines

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