IdolKada, who do you think will get the highest score in Idol Philippines’ first Live Gala show?

The exciting “Live Gala” shows in Idol Philippines Season 2 will kick off this Saturday, August 20, wherein the Top 12 contestants will each perform in front of judges Regine Velasquez, Gary Valenciano, Moira Dela Torre, and Chito Miranda, and impress the voting public as well.  

Every week, two Idol hopefuls with the lowest combined judges’ score and public votes will get eliminated. At the end of each episode, the final tally of scores will be shown.

So, are we all ready to find the next singing superstar?

To up the thrill, the Idol Philippines website launches a series of weekly interactive polls wherein fans can “predict” the Idol hopeful who will get the highest score in every live round.

Every week, from August 21 to September 18, the user with a correct guess will earn 1000 points and the TOP 3 players will be displayed on the leader board. You may cast your prediction once per week only.


To join, sign in using your Facebook or Gmail account. Then, take your pick from the given list of Idol hopefuls. Watch the Idol Philippines episodes to know if you got your prediction right. But, while your hunches may be true, it doesn’t guarantee victory for your favorite contestant. Keep in mind that the final standing will be based solely on judges’ score and public votes cast on UpLive.

To help you decide on your bet, here’s a recap of the Idol hopefuls’ performances and judges’ comments from last week’s solo round.

Bryan Chong

Despite losing his voice right before his performance, Bryan managed to recover and amaze the judges with his sultry spin on Rob Deniel's “Ulap.” Solid vocals? Check. Genuine stage presence? Check. Bryan will leave his mark on the show, noted Moira.

PJ Fabia

R&B with hints of rock-ballad – PJ enthralled the judges by singing “Habang Atin Ang Gabi” in the solo round. Admittedly, judge Moira wanted to say “no” to PJ during his audition but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t see his talent.


It was truly a lovely performance from Kice who sang “Isn’t She Lovely.” Judge Regine was charmed by the 22-year-old dreamer, whom she described as Idol material. Also one of his best assets, according to judge Chito, is his laid-back attitude on stage.

Khimo Gumatay

Judge Moira fell in love a few lines into Khimo’s slow ‘hugot’ version of Sarah Geronimo’s “Tala.” Judge Gary maintained Khimo had a good song choice since it heightened his prominent vocal qualities.

Anthony Meneses

Although not his best performance, as judge Chito put it, Anthony singing “Tadhana” was a pleasure to watch. Judge Gary thought Anthony brought new flavors to the OPM favorite while judge Moira commended his strategic runs.

Drei Sugay

When Drei stepped on stage during the solo round, the judges first noticed his more mature disposition, then his much-improved talent. Judge Moira admitted she was wrong to say “no” to Drei during his audition. After his performance of “Ikaw Lang,” the 18-year-old aspirant proved that he is more than just a pretty face.

Nisha Bedaña

Nisha’s mind-blowing rendition of “And I Am Telling You” earned the judges’ approval. Gary described her as “brilliant.” But, not every performance is just all about vocal prowess. Regine advised the 22-year-old contender to connect through emotions.

Ryssi Avila

Platinum-holder Ryssi poured all her heart, runs, and riffs into her soul-piercing performance of “Nakapagtataka.” Judge Moira turned soft over the sad yet soothing song number. As Chito put it, “madrama pero hindi OA.”

Misha de Leon

Misha’s version of “Sign of the Time” is truly a sign that she will be a star. She’s more than a pretty face, Chito described her, while Moira praised the 16-year-old hopeful's versatility.

Ann Raniel

The 21-year-old singer’s version of “Ikot-Ikot” lacked power and soul, according to the judges. But Ann is determined to get that power back in the next round.

Trisha Gomez

It’s a yes or yes for Trisha’s take on the OPM favorite “Oo.” Her style may be close to Moira’s sweet and velvety tone but Trisha brought out her unique qualities, said judge Gary.

Delly Cuales

Delly used her heartbreak to breathe emotions and power into the classic hit “Basang Sisiw.” “A legend in the making” is how judge Moira described her.

Who will get the highest score among the Top 12 Idol hopefuls in the first Live Gala show? Take your pick and earn yourself the title of the savviest IdolKada!