Negi describes ICSYV Singvestigators

Since it premiered in 2017, I Can See Your Voice has become one of our favorite weekend night habit as it never fails to deliver entertainment, laughter, and even entertainment to the viewers. Thanks to the quick-wittedness and natural comedic flair of its dashing host Luis Manzano and the foolproof humor and unmistakable chemistry among its gregarious singvestigtaors.

And in the years that they’ve been together, the group has visibly formed a close-knit bond which truly reflects with how they banter and poke fun at each other during the show. Thus, it’s not surprising if they could talk about one another comfortably, without having to worry that their castmates would get offended.

Just like in this exclusive interview with Negi, wherein he was asked to describe his fellow I Can See Your Voice singvestigators. First off, of course, was Bayani Agbayani, who’s one of the OGs among the group. According to him, he’s “super kulit” and fun to talk because he’s able to learn a lot of things about life from him.

Second was another mainstay Long Mejia, to which he jestingly uttered, “Walang kadala-dala. Go nang go. ‘Yong feeling na akala niya bata pa siya pero alam naman natin na senior na siya.” With regards to Queen of Teleserye Theme Songs Angeline Quinto, he expressed how her fair, flawless complexion makes him feel ‘envious.’

Meanwhile, he regarded his fellow comedian MC Muah as “napakabuti sa lahat,” to the point that he’s being taken advantage of without him realizing it.  When it comes to Lassy, he jokingly believes that they look really alike, yet it’s still Lassy who’s the prettiest of them all.

Lastly, for newcomer Alora Sasam, he teasingly stated, “Ang ganda ng itsura ni Alora, parang ang sarap utusan.”

Catch Negi and the rest of the I Can See Your Voice gang every Saturday and Sunday at 8:30PM, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z, and TV5.