Q & A w/How To Move On In 30 Days cast

While relationships and even breakups are all different, sometimes it helps to learn from the experience of other people. So, if you’re looking for pieces of advice to enlighten your confused mind and broken heart, check out Maris Racal, Carlo Aquino, Albie Casino, and Sachzna Laparan’s conversation about love and moving on. 

In the video, the stars of “How To Move On In 30 Days” went through a series of questions submitted by netizens. The first one asked about their process of getting over a failed relationship. For Sachzna, she turns the grieving into self-improvement stage, “Mas lalong magpapaganda at saka, ano, lalong ipapakita mo na happy ka. Parang, ‘Ito yung sinayang mo’”

If Sachzna would flaunt her ‘newfound freedom,’ Albie is quite the opposite. He does not pretend he’s healed if the truth is he’s still hurting, “Ayaw ko mag-project.” He’d rather go MIA (Missing In Action) on social media. 

For Carlo, the best breakup doctors are friends, “Tambay kasama ng mga kaibigan para masaya.” For Maris, the beach is the best place to heal, “Siyempre, kaka-break mo lang, eh. From toxicity ka pa n’un, so kailangan ko ng dagat talaga. ‘Yun ang una kong hinahanap.” 

But, they clarified that not all breakups are toxic. It’s a different scenario for everyone and sometimes you just have to try which process works best for you broken heart. 

Now we talk about timelines. In the series, Maris’ character enlists the help of a fictional app to help her move on within a month, which is quite similar to her timeline in real life. She said based on experience, she easily moves on from a breakup because she doesn’t hold on just to force the relationship to work out, “Sa relationship kasi ‘yung parang padulo na, unti-unti ko nang tinatanggap.”

Sachzna has quite the same viewpoint. She works hard to fix the relationship and makes sure she gave and did her all. If she has no regrets, then she can move on easily, “Hindi ako madali kasi mag-give up sa isang relationship… Siguro, sa relationship na ‘yun habang kami pa, nakakapag-move on na ako.”

Carlo expressed that moving on doesn’t really erase everything, “Sa akin kasi, kahit na naka-move on ka na, in a way meron ka pa ring feelings. Part siya ng buhay mo.”

Albie agreed, saying she told his ex-girlfriend of four years that she will forever remain a part of his life, “Kahit anong mangyari, forever mahal ko na siya pero hindi na ako in-love sa kanya. I want to see her doing good. Pero hanggang doon na lang ‘yun.”

The next topic was 3-month rule, which declares that a person must wait for at least three months before dating again. Albie believes that it’s not necessarily a restriction but a reminder that you should be completely healed before entering a new relationship, “I think, ‘yung basis kasi ng three-month rule is para ‘pag pumasok ka na sa isang relationship, sure ka na na wala nang ibang feelings.”

For Sachzna, the 3-month rule is no use, “Kapag wala na kayo, wala na. End na yon, ‘di ba? Mag-focus ka na sa sarili mo.”

Meanwhile, Maris doesn’t really believe in timelines, saying a person should recover first from the breakup before dating again whether the healing process takes three months or more. “Parang hindi na ‘yan dine-declare. Parang, alam mo na na maghintay ka muna na mabuo ka muna bago ka mag-relationship. Hindi na kailangan ‘yung 3-month rule kasi nasa sa’yo talaga ‘yan, eh.”

What’s their tip to those who are currently in the moving on stage? Watch “How To Move On In 30 Days” on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube Channel, every Monday to Friday, at 6PM.