WATCH: Welcome 2021 with these unforgettable, hilarious Goin’ Bulilit New Year segments

Amidst the difficult year we’ve experienced, we should welcome the New Year 2021 with a stronger and more optimistic heart. As such, we should try to spread more love and good vibes with our celebrations, such as remembering some of Goin’ Bulilit’s hilarious New Year-themed segments!

Welcoming the new year will not be complete without people’s resolutions and the beautiful fireworks which are part of everyone’s traditions. The kiddie gag show once showed some funny moments during the New Year's celebration that actually happened in real life. For instance, they showed scenarios like someone getting injured because of fireworks, an LPG gas exploding during New Year’s Eve, and children using firecrackers even though it is prohibited.

Goin’ Bulilit also showed funny scenarios inside the hospital during New Year’s Eve. One scene showed how reporters wait for firecracker victims for their news stories. Another scene showed how the doctor himself gets injured by the firecracker, too!

The comedy program also promoted what they called “silent firecrackers” such as “Bulong”, “Crying Mother”, “Kuliglig”, “Hindi Makabasag Pinggan”, and “Lolo Lightning.” But naughty Chuchay (Chunsa Jung) attempted to play with a 5-star firecracker inside their house. Since Filipinos are also fond of saying the expression “new year, new me,” the Bulilits showed that not everything that is new is good, like relationship breakups.

Even Gardo, from “Ang Parokyano,” the Goin’ Bulilit parody of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, was excited for the New Year as he “tries out” supposed illegal fireworks that sellers claimed was mere display items. “What’s In, What’s Out” was also a recurring segment on Goin’ Bulilit which was about predicting the trends of the next year. For instance, the 2019 predicted trends were the use of scooters, angkas motorcycle riding, and the use of Korean language, to name a few.

Check out more of Goin’ Bulilit’s funny and memorable New Year segments in this video!