14 Tear-jerking, touching Goin’ Bulilit graduation moments through the years

For 14 years, there’s definitely no doubt that Goin’ Bulilit was one of our sources of laughter and good vibes from the moment it started on February 6, 2005, up to its heartbreaking conclusion on August 4, 2019, making it among avid our favorite Sunday habit.

Apart from the formidable entertainment it provided to the viewers, the comedy sketch program also became the training ground for child actors by helping them lay and build the foundation of their acting careers. At the same time, it became their playground, too, as it allowed them to have fun, make friends, and enjoy their youth.

However, we all know that nobody could be a kid forever. As the bulilits reached the age of 12, they had to “graduate” and bid farewell to the family and friends they gained in the show and move on to the next phases of their lives – being young adults and chasing their other dreams.

Since it has already been a year since Goin’ Bulilit officially had its final curtain call, let this video take you back on its tear-jerking graduation moments through the years.

Coincidentally, in its 14 years on air, we had also witnessed 14 graduation ceremonies, with Alfred Labatos and EJ Jallorina being the first ones to exit back in March 2006, just weeks after the program celebrated its first anniversary.

Carl John Barrameda followed suit a year after, with Kiray Celis, Trina “Hopia” Legaspi, and Eliza Pineda, and Kristel Fulgar succeeding him a few months after.

It was in March 2008 when John Manalo and Julia Montes, who was then credited as Mara Schnittka, took their last bow. Later that year, five more cast members graduated, namely Kathryn Bernardo, Jane Oineza, CJ Navato, Steven Christian Fermo, and Mikylla Ramirez.

On October 25, 2009, Igi Boy Flores, Nikki Bagaporo, Yong An Chiu, and Miles Ocampo became the sixth batch to leave the program.

Goin’ Bulilit was able to take a rest from the heartaches brought by its cast members’ departures for a year as the next commencement exercises were held on September 18, 2011, which involved Sharlene San Pedro, Nash Aguas, Mika Dela Cruz, Aaliyah Benisano, and Noemi Oineza.

Almost another two year had passed and it was time for Kobi Vidanes, Aaron Junatas, Joseph Andre Garcia, Alexa Ilacad, and Angel Sy to bid farewell. They were followed by Barbie Sabino and Angelo Garcia a year after.

As the award-winning gag show marked its 10th anniversary in 2015, three more bulilits had to say goodbye – Belle Mariano, Miguelito de Guzman, and Carl Camo. The 11th batch, comprised by Bugoy Cariño, Harvey Bautista, Brenna Garcia, Casey Da Silva, followed on February 28, 2016.

While it was only Izzy Canillo who graduated in 2017, three cast members each departed from the program in 2018 and 2019. Included in the 13th batch were Bea Basa, Clarence Delgado, and Mitch Naco, while JB Agustin, Allyson McBride, and Mutya Orquia made up the 14th batch.

Were you one of those who cried and felt the pain of seeing our beloved Goin’ Bulilit stars bid farewell one by one in the past years?