The most hilarious Goin’ Bulilit Halloween specials through the years!

It’s already the Halloween season! And while we usually spend this time of the year exchanging horrifying anecdotes, reading or watching horror stories, and/or holding parties and putting on scary or awesome makeups and costumes, Goin’ Bulilit had celebrated it in a comical way throughout its 14-year successful run.

Even though it’s already been more than a year since it bade farewell, the now-defunct show is still here to deliver laughter and good vibes, such as via this montage of some of the best and funniest moments from Goin’ Bulilit Halloween specials through the years.

In 2016, they had this segment wherein they introduced three of the most popular mythical creatures in the Philippines – the manananggal, the nuno sa punso, and the white lady – who amused us with their respective hugots.

The following year, Mutya Orquia gave us some wise tips on how to easily locate the graves of our dearly departed loved ones at the cemetery – through an imaginary mobile app called “Undaze” and by attaching car alarm – but in the end were proven ridiculously ineffective.

Bulilits JB Agustin and Izzy Canillo then spooked us as the news anchors of the “Mga Kababalaghang Balita”, who delivered news while cladded in totally scary costumes. Their field reporters amused us with their horrifying reports as well.

In 2018, alumnus Nash Aguas made a comeback as the host of its Halloween special that featured Kristel Fulgar as lovelorn girl named “Nene” who’s complaining against the conyo kapre played by CJ Navato.

Of course, who would forget the pranks and practical jokes pulled off by the Goin’ Bulilit staff for the whole ensemble. But in 2018, Raikko Mateo was the one who pranked the passersby in the ABS-CBN compound premises with the help of his friend “Valak”.

Also included in this video are the funny moments during Halloween and the Halloween special gags of the pioneer Bulilits.

Regardless if it’s an ordinary day or a special occasion or holiday, Goin’ Bulilit amusingly had found something to laugh about in every circumstance in their pursuit of bringing laughter and good vibes to the viewers every week. Parties may be cancelled this year, but we know that the fun will never be!

Happy Halloween, Kapamilya!