How Sharlene San Pedro fascinated viewers with Goin’ Bulilit portrayals

With her undeniable cuteness and unmistakable acting chops, it was definitely not a surprise that Sharlene San Pedro turned out to become one of the most popular child stars of her generation and the most well-loved members of Goin’ Bulilit.

Star Circle Kid Quest Season 1 served as her first-ever television stint. She did not won as the grand kiddie questor but she still succeeded in winning our hearts through her succeeding projects. But, as we all know, it’s through her being part of the long-running kiddie gag show that she began to further hone her talents and become a household name.

Now that she has grown and flourished into becoming one of the brightest young stars in the local entertainment scene, let’s take a look back on some the most memorable portrayals as a Bulilit through this feature!

Sharlene made us laugh when she turned into the famous fairytale princess Rapunzel, but instead of having a silky, long hair, she had an extensive beard that truly shocked her prince. She also amused us with her depiction of various personas in their skits, such as an overseas Filipino worker in “Rekolilit”, a wife in “Pamahiin”, as the titular elderly woman in the “Adventures of Lola Lily and Lolo Lilo”, and as a nurse in one of the sketches shown again on the 12th anniversary special of Goin’ Bulilit.

We also enjoyed watching her impersonate veteran broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez-Roxas as she introduced herself as Korina K. Kanchez in the program’s spoof of the now-defunct weekly magazine program Rated K that was titled “Rated KKK, Handa Na Ba Ako?”.

Her portrayal of the boyish Joey in “Hana Kiyeme”, the parody of the Taiwanese drama Hana Kimi that was broadcast on the Kapamilya network in 2008, highly amused the viewers.

And From being that adorable young girl who pretended to play guitar when she covered the hit OPM song “Hawak Kamay”, Sharlene has blossomed into becoming one of the most promising musicians of her generation.

Reminisce Sharlene’s Goin’ Bulilit journey by clicking on this video!